A new year often heralds new beginnings — or in many cases draws attention to incipient developments that deserve more attention.  The latter is the case we’re here to talk about today, and it’s joyous news indeed: the official foray of VeryPlay Studio into the world of gaming as an independent game studio. With hypercasual releases like Hyper Cyber under our belt and our upcoming flagship game to be released soon, VeryPlay is gaining steam, or this snowball is accelerating downhill. Whichever metaphor you like, the momentum is there, it’s real, and it’s only going to continue. VeryPlay Studio’s independence is real and is here to stay. 

VeryPlay's roots go way back, even before the Super Nintendo

VeryPlay Studio’s independence means it has stuck to its roots while branching out.

We haven’t come all this way on our own so quickly, however. Having a brilliant parent company like VerySell as well as strategic partners like SmartDev means we’re able to access world-class talent and get that right flavor mixture of synergy and innovation that leads to business breakthroughs.  

So, we thought we’d tell you a bit about how we here at VeryPlay operate, what you can expect from us, and just what kind of rabbit hole this is, anyway.  What does VeryPlay Studio’s independence mean, anyway?

VeryPlay Studio’s Independence

It was fairly big news for us to announce our independence within our organizational structure. It means that we, as a gaming studio, get to make the games we want while positioning ourselves to be able to provide games clients want, too. As avid video game aficionados, the freedom to create our own games was a dream come true for many — and one that won’t be relinquished.  

It’s not like we had to have a revolution for our independence, though. Indeed, we work closely with our partners who see the benefit for all in having a gaming studio that can stand on its own two feet (or four, six, eight, or none, depending on what species is reading this). VeryPlay’s independence resembles mitosis more than, say, Athena springing from Zeus’s forehead.  

VeryPlay Studio believes few things are as exciting as a new game

Ready for a new game? We always are, and we’re working on new ones all the time.

Strong Relationships 

Currently, VeryPlay relies on the talent in its broader organization to get things done. We’re fortunate to be close partners with SmartDev, a company known for its development talent, so we hire their programmers to help us develop games. SmartDev handles the recruiting, training, and training; we hire their top game developers once they’re up to speed. This privileged client relationship leads to a beautiful synergy that, we think, is the reason for our success so far.  

What works well shouldn’t be fixed, so we’ll continue down this path until there’s a reason for us not to. With explosive growth in our sights, we will rely on the talent that the (similarly exploding) SmartDev organization can bring to us.  

A Bright, Shiny Future 

VeryPlay has already gone through explosive growth, and it’s just the beginning. What was once only a twinkle in (VeryPlay head honcho) Maxime Perniola’s eye is now a reality, with upwards of a dozen employees. That number may soon hit exponential growth, and we wouldn’t at all be surprised if we hit triple digits within the next two years. We’d certainly be proud, however.  

So what can you expect from VeryPlay Studio’s independence? First and foremost, you can expect fun games. We love good games — both making them and playing them — and, as a gaming studio, we’re in the right position to create what we hope will be instant classics.  

You can also expect a gaming studio that’s well-established and experienced enough to deliver games that boost our clients’ images, reputations, and bottom lines. Developing a good game is a solid business move, and it’s not going out of style.  

For those who take the leap and decide to work with us, you can count on world-class talent and a sturdy foundation in our Studio. The deeper we grow roots, the more we can tap into the abundant development talent available to us. It’s pretty groovy.  

Want to know more about what it’s like to work with us? Have a game idea you’ve been kicking around you’d like to discuss? We’re all ears. Feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to start a discussion. Especially since that discussion will be about games. Did we mention we like games? 

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