// What we do

Fintech Services

We help businesses quickly build or scale up their technology.
We help challenger organisations: well funded start-ups, scale-ups and game changing FinTech’s to translate financial offerings into an online proposition.
We specialise in business analysis, building customised software, web and mobile app development and complex integrations.

// FinTech

The Problem

Technology advances mean the demand for developers is growing but there are skill shortages everywhere.

Web 3.0 developers currently represent only 1% of all developers worldwide.


// Outsourced Development Company

The Alternative?

Use an Outsourced Development Company to hire the right team quickly and reduce costs.

However, finding a trusted partner, at the right cost, in the right location who has the experience to deliver high quality, timely results, has risks.

// Our FinTech Practice

Blockchain Development

We help clients to identify where Blockchain can be applied to business processes. It’s important to understand where Blockchain adds value, and where it doesn’t. We provide a wide range of outsourced blockchain software development services, including building blockchain ecosystems, smart contracts, dApps, as well as integrating blockchains and enterprise solutions.

Payment Technology Development

We specialise in payment software engineering and the development of cashless payment systems. As cashless payment options continue to grow in popularity, the technology that supports them needs to be top tier. That’s where we come in.