// Game Porting

Porting moves a game from one platform to another.

We’ve got lots of experience in this field, and can help expand your game’s reach.

We have ported games from:

  • Steam PC games to Mobile
  • Android to iOS & iOS to Android
  • Html5 to unity
  • Access to a wide range of Android devices

We can consider any other variety of porting you may need as well — just reach out to us and we’re happy to talk.

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// Game Creation

We love making games

We love making games — and that love extends to every aspect of the creation process.

We’re especially talented in:

  • Game Engine Creation
  • Mobile Game Creation
  • Updating Features & Libraries
  • Improving User Experience
  • Improving User Retention & Acquisition
  • Multiplayer Functions (Photon Unity Network)
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// Languages

Technologies Uses

We rely on C#, C++, and Javascript for our game coding. The frameworks we use are robust and industry standard: Unity 2D/3D, Unreal Engine, Cocos 2D, and more.

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// Our History

Our game division’s history

Our game division’s history originates in a deep love of gaming. It took tenacity to make game development one of our key offerings, but our game developers were hell-bent on making games.

The initial push for a game department came from Maxime Perniola, formerly Game Producer at Gameloft. He never lost his taste for making games, and wanted to bring his skills to SmartDev. Games are a big part of development, after all, and — best of all — they’re fun. A solid game can also be a valuable investment for a client.

Our gaming department began in 2019 and has steadily grown — so that in 2021 we now have our own game development team. That was cause for much celebration, and we can’t wait to develop more games.

We’re happy with what we’ve done so far — and so are our clients.

Here’s a taste of some recent mobile game projects:

  • Created an engine for a puzzle game
  • Ported a strategy game
  • Both created and ported educational games
  • Created Facebook ads games
  • Developed web and TV games
  • Remade older games with new technology
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// Who we are

The Mobile Game Team



Hi, I’m Alex, a life-long gamer and long-time game developer. There’s few things I love more than making engaging games.

Thomas Rouhier



A clean UI is a beautiful thing to behold. My appreciation for good user experiences helps hone my skills and take my development in the right direction.

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Want a fun game? I’m the guy for the team. I love making games both in my spare time and for work.

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When I was a kid, I didn’t honestly think I’d be able to do such a fun job as this one, but look at me now, mom!

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I love making games — espeically collaborating with a team to do so. Every game developer was a game lover first, and that’s true for me, too.

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Making sure a game works is one of the most critical parts of any game production, and I’m proud to do that part. Want a game that works well? I’m your guy.