When you’ve got a good thing going, it’s wise to maintain course and momentum. That’s the current situation here and we’re quite happy with it. SmartDev is continuing to expand its presence in Vietnam, having recently added a new office in Hanoi. As one of the country’s fastest-growing companies, SmartDev represents a microcosm of what’s right with the Vietnamese tech scene.  

SmartDev Hanoi Team

SmartDev Hanoi Office Hallway

The vision here is long term. Both the Da Nang and Hanoi development centres  are expected to ramp up and accommodate 1,000 professionals by the end of 2024. These centres are the workshops where we gather some of the finest technical minds, who in turn develop top-notch software for our clients in the UK, Europe, and Asia.  

As Mr. Alistair Copeland, CEO of SmartDev said, “Our new centre in Hanoi is an important pillar of SmartDev’s growth plan. It’s also another pivotal milestone in our success story in Vietnam. Our presence in Hanoi will help us leverage best-in-class talent, further strengthening our capabilities to cater to customers’ needs.” 

Planting Seeds 

SmartDev Hanoi Team Office

SmartDev Hanoi Office Interior

From its inception, SmartDev’s centres have sought to be at the heart of some of the most exciting tech development hotspots. Da Nang fits that bill perfectly, as its young and talented population bursting from high-quality universities makes for a perfect hiring pool.  

Hanoi is a further step in the same direction and allows access to an even larger pool of talent. Being based in the centre of Hanoi’s IT District across from the National University puts SmartDev at the heart of the IT sector. Copeland added, “This will be a base for existing Hanoi staff and allow us to grow and contribute to the IT community.” 

Looking into the future 

SmartDev Hanoi Office

For SmartDev, rapid growth means a greater opportunity to serve our global clients and provide service we’re proud of. This growth is only set to accelerate, and the company’s increasing gravity will continue to pull in outstanding tech talent. It’s all pretty exciting, really.  

So, what does this mean for our current and future clients? Only good things. By building a larger support structure and more developers while keeping our headquarters anchored in Switzerland, SmartDev is increasing its capabilities while maintaining stability.  

If you’re considering working with us and want to know more about just how we do things, reach out to us for a free quote. We’re always excited to start new relationships as well as continue existing ones. That’s what we’re all about, and what this growth is for.  


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