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Welcome to SmartDev! We understand that companies seeking a new outsourced development partner may have several key questions that need to be addressed before considering an exploratory meeting. Therefore, we’ve compiled some content to provide you with valuable insights. This includes a brief tour of our development center, an explanation of why Vietnam is an ideal location, and finally, a list of key clients who have chosen SmartDev as their trusted partner.

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Why Vietnam

Vietnam has quickly emerged as a top choice for companies looking for cost-effective solutions, top-notch talent, and a thriving tech industry. Check out SmartDev’s latest article on why Vietnam is the smart choice for software outsourcing and discover for yourself why Vietnam is the perfect place to take your business to the next level.

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SmartDev Portfolio

Looking for a comprehensive overview of SmartDev’s services, capabilities, and success stories? Look no further than our SmartDev Portfolio, which includes four main sections: SmartDev in General, SmartDev Technical Capabilities, SmartDev Commercial Models, and SmartDev Case Studies.

SmartDev Dedicated Team

SmartDev’s Agile Dedicated Team is your ideal technology partner for seamless project extension. Comprising top-tier developers, we integrate with your in-house talent, ensuring a strong, cohesive tech resource. Delivering on-time, flexible, and scalable solutions, SmartDev’s team becomes your project’s powerhouse for success.

SmartDev Discovery Phase

SmartDev’s Discovery Phase, a brief but powerful project, illuminates your goals, strategies, and technology needs. Collaborating with our expert IT team, clients gain clarity about their objectives and a comprehensive plan for the journey and investment ahead. It’s your roadmap to success in just a few weeks.

SmartDev Company Quick Tour

Embark on a journey through the heart of SmartDev’s state-of-the-art development center in Danang, Vietnam, with our YouTube SmartDev Quick Tour. In just two minutes, you’ll experience the sights and sounds of our vibrant and dynamic workplace, meet some of our talented developers, and get a sense of the passion and dedication that drives us to create innovative solutions for our clients.

SmartDev Testimonial

3-min interview with Toma Paro – COO & Co-Founder of BOLDR – an Engery Efficiency app as a Service Platform that helps consumers reduce energy consumption, automate home climate, and improve convenience. The system is built on a micro-services architecture, which makes it scalable and easy to maintain in the long run. Toma Paro emphasizes, “We always had a dedicated team at SmartDev. Every Smartdev team member was passionate about our product, both on hardware and software. With such a tight team, everybody becomes mission-driven which leads to a great attention to detail and a willingness to make improvements in the app. It’s these little details and suggestions that made our app stand out and allowed us to be more competitive”

Our Clients

Have a look at some of the work we’ve been doing for clients. Click on the logo to explore the Case Study in details. 

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How we work with our customers?

Once we receive your initial enquiry, we suggest a discovery call to make sure we understand your specific project requirements.


1. Requirements Gathering

By gathering information about your business and project, we’ll make sure we provide candidates with not only the right skills and capabilities with a strong cultural fit. Job descriptions help enormously, so we are always appreciative of any current hiring related documentation that you can provide.


3. Candidate Engagement

We send over candidate CV’s and short video clip introductions. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice we can work with you to schedule and arrange interviews with those individuals who are of interest, providing additional support and guidance throughout the selection and hiring process as needed.​


2. Finding The Best Candidates

Once we get the requirement, we’ll check the people we have available on our ‘resource bench’ who can begin working on a new project shortly. If not, our recruitment team jumps into action. With an extensive reach and depth of knowledge about the local talent market, our goal is to offer you 2-3 ideal candidate profiles within 5 working days of receiving your brief.


4. Candidate Onboarding

Once choices are made, we’ll introduce you to our finance team to finalize rates and sort the paperwork. Our business development managers will support the process along the way so that we can quickly and easily integrate candidates into you your project.

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Have a Project in Mind?

With Smartdev, you can find a range of technical competencies to help you scope, design and build your ideal product or solution. Share your vision with us and we will get back to you the following working day.