Front-end expert to maximize the value of the insurtech platform

The client is working on a fully configurable API-driven platform to streamline the insurance ecosystem at record speed with drag and drop functionality. For each B2B customer they deploy (including the leading insurance companies & well-known financial institutions in Asia region), SmartDev comes to solve the business process challenge by designing how the product works for the bespoke business flows.

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4 Frontend Developers, 1 PM


Fintech; Insurtech; Insurance


24 months since 2020


Singapore & Asia Countries

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The Challenge

Our partner understands the difficulties companies face when setting up individual and group insurance policies. This typically involves long processes and seperate integrations with providers that are expensive to create and maintain. This company had a vision to provide a comprehensive, no-code, solution that allows policies to be setup, and estimated, using ‘drag and drop’ functionality. Additionally, they provide the most comprehensive collection of open insurance policies available allowing the creation of any policy.

SmartDev was selected to partner in their journey to provide unsurpassed functionality and continue to expand the their offerings.

We corporated with our insurtech client and their B2B customers to make improvements in the UI/UX experience.

There were several initiatives identified as areas to improve in order to make the products as easy and efficient to use for different business flows of the clients. Whatever the client business is (medical group insurance; commercial insurance, financial insurance; health insurance), we all deal with improving the existing product and adding new features/improvements. Improvements included automation throughout workflows, continually improving the policy creation and support experience, standardizing data and processes to reduce maintenance costs and continuing to build out offerings.

Technology Stacks

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The Solution

Through a combined effort we have provided customers with group medical policy solutions that support the entire business journey. No available solutions supported the entire flow and functionality was largely siloed due to difficulties in implementing and supporting different insurance offerings. Concurrently, the claims adjudication processes were automated, end-to- end, providing efficiency and cost savings to complex flows.

Additionally, with all parties on one platform, transactions and data synchronization, between providers is much more faster and data synchronization is much less prone to error. Combined with simple onboarding and policy creation and reduced support costs, the solution provides a superior offering for all types of users seeking coverage.

By working on the the on the core platform and with larger integrations, SmartDev was able to offer longer term solutions to improve the end-to-end experience for current and new customers.

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The Insurtech Platform

A leading provider of cutting-edge technology to the insurance industry. Since 2017, SmartDev’s client supplies insurance enterprise software solutions to insurers, MGAs, brokers and bancassurance in Asia and beyond.

Modular Approach

The insurtech platform can be used in parts or in full. Regarding each of its component as a building block, the platform can help you to assemble final solution in a configurable, yet speedy way to match exact client needs. Modular, robust & scalable, done at record speed!

Adoption of No Code Approach

The platform is well equipped with internal tools such as product builder, microsite builder, comprehensive CMS, library of components, sophisticated theming, advanced templating, PDF and email editor to provide the best customer experience and enable extreme scalability and speed to market. It can be customized easily to bring the most relevant business process for each type of clients.

Continuous integration, testing and deployment

The microservices (both backend and frontend) have complete continuous integration, testing and deployment on independent pipelines through the use of Jenkins. Committed code is automatically built, tested and deployed. Smoke tests are run every 5 minutes – smoke tests and tests on the CI/CD pipelines go through all tenants of our system.

Let’s Build Something Together

SmartDev offers a number of solutions, from fully outsourced development to staff augmentation on specific projects, to meet tight deadlines.
What is SmartDev?
A Swiss company built and managed by highly experienced Europeans with a dedication to technical excellence, passed on to promising Vietnamese developers. SmartDev has outsourced development centres in Danang and Hanoi (Vietnam).
How big is your development team?
SmartDev has a team of over 200 developers in Vietnam. Our experienced HR team has the technical knowledge to scale teams up and down as appropriate and find the relevant skills for your project.
How do I get a quote?
Put your email address in the form and an expert will contact you shortly after analyzing your business requirements. We sign an NDA to ensure the highest degree of privacy. We will then issue a comprehensive project proposal, including cost estimates, timelines and skills required for your project. Upon agreement, we will assemble your team and begin delivery within ten days.
Why choose SmartDev?
We have been delivering complex technology projects for businesses since 2014. The SmartDev team has expertise in APIs, mobile banking apps, FinTech app development, insurance software and more, with over 70% of our FinTech developers having more than 3 years of industry-specific experience.
Our Quality Promise
Our offshore development, onshore management model ensures that we have the correct blend of skills to meet your project needs. Our skills extend to Agile development processes and scrum methods, making sure our projects are always delivered on time to our clients’ requirements. We are certified to ISO standard 27001.