On July 28, SmartDev officially closed the Summer Internship Program 2021 with countless memories and unforgettable moments from all the members.

SmartDev is known as a Swiss software company, on the way to outstanding development and gradually becoming one of the leading technology companies, so SmartDev always aims to create an ideal working environment  and prioritize the development of the young generation. To achieve that mission, SmartDev has implemented Summer Internship 2021. Although it is only the first year of organizing the internship program, this event has been “hottest” than ever and attracted the participation of hundreds of people, especially talented undergraduates.

Summer Internship is a training and internship program organized by SmartDev, exclusively for students with a strong passion for the technology industry.

Summer Internship creates conditions for students to come into contact with a professional working environment, and at the same time equips them with professional knowledge as well as soft skills to be confident and strong on the path of development in future career.

I08 300x188 1Launched in May, the Summer Internship program has attracted more than 300 applications from 3rd and 4th year students of Technology majors with a variety of languages ​​(ReactJs, Java, VueJs, …). Through technical tests as well as interviews, the company has found 20 outstanding candidates to officially become Intern-members, joining the SmartDev family.

Within the Summer Internship program, SmartDev has coordinated to use many online platforms as well as maximize the interaction between mentors and interns. With regular monitoring, support and inspection, SmartDev wants to create many opportunities for interns to focus on developing and asserting themselves in the field of technology, while also not forgetting to organize meeting events to promptly support them and create a comfortable, fun, “studying while playing” environment through “Happy Wednesday” sessions. In addition, SmartDev also pays special attention to equipp interns with soft skills through group activities and workshops. Most importantly, interns also have the opportunity to become an official employee at SmartDev after only 2 months of internship.

Meeting Mr. Nguyen Huu Nam – an extremely enthusiastic intern of Summer Internship 2021, he shared:

The 2-month internship journey was very fun, giving me more knowledge, as well as building up new relationships. I also learned a lot from the members that I had the opportunity to meet and work on the same project with during this internship. Joy comes from enthusiastic employees of the company who always want to bring laughter to everyone. This is an internship to be trained to become a Full Stack junior, a field that I have not done before. The curriculum is clear and the mentors point out the key content to learn to help guide the knowledge that needs to be grasped. At the end of the internship, I was informed that I was accepted to work for SmartDev. This is a pleasure as well as an honor for me. I have heard about the company’s development roadmap and also want to contribute a small part to that development. Although we do not know what the future holds, the excitement of sharing the same SmartDev roof right now is real.

Huynh Thi My Kieu – an extremely beautiful and talented Automation Tester girl, said:

During the past internship, the company has created a great working environment for me to acquire new knowledge. Under the enthusiastic guidance of mentors, as well as the HR department, there’s no need to talk about it anymore, because they’re super supportive and they always create interesting things every Wednesday with loads of games, and lovely gifts.

I06 300x178 1At the end of the internship, the interns presented their demo projects in the process of “learning and experiencing” at SmartDev. Through this, the company has recognized and found many outstanding and excellent individuals in the field they are pursuing. After completing the internship, the students will be awarded the internship certificate of merit and SmartDev-style gifts, and the interns with excellent achievements will be awarded scholarships. SmartDev hopes to add motivation and confidence to the young generation in the first steps of the journey to pursue their passion and develop their career.

SmartDev Internship annually promises to be an internship program not to be missed for students who are passionate about information technology.

Follow SmartDev to not miss very interesting programs and events. And if you are passionate, do not hesitate to become a piece of SmartDev!

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