It has been a long time coming, but the day is finally here: SmartDev is officially and happily in place in its new office. While we don’t want to turn this article into an award-acceptance speech, we do want to thank all who made it possible — from the construction workers to our office team to our executive branch. It was truly a team effort, and we’re enjoying the momentum gained from the collaboration. 

Petr Krasnov SmartDev speech

Verysell Group’s Petr Krasnov delivers a speech at SmartDev’s office grand opening.

To celebrate, Verysell’s very own Petr Krasnov and SmartDev’s CEO Alistair Copeland made the trek over to Da Nang, Vietnam — SmartDev’s beautiful home. The celebrations culminated in a full-on feast (including roast goose!) that let employees and employers alike share their fun side. 

Making the Move

Petr Krasnov and SmartDev CEO Alistair Copeland

SmartDev CEO Alistair Copeland and Verysell Group CEO Petr Krasnov made fine masters of ceremonies.

There were multiple concurrent reasons for the office move, but one stood out above all: SmartDev is growing. By “growing” we mean something more like “burgeoning,” as the company’s ranks have swelled significantly over the past year. For us, this is a wonderful sign as well as an exciting turn of events. More team members means more talent, and more talent means more capabilities. 

Few things are as important to a person’s positive mental state and productivity than their surroundings. That’s why we spent significant time rethinking the office — specifically, what our ideal place looks like, what our team members need to be happy, and just how to strike the right balance of comfort and efficiency. 

From our clubhouse to our meeting room and from our open-floor office plan to our very friendly receptionists, we think our new office is just what we needed. Being able to work with a smile on your face makes everyone’s lives better — including those of our customers. 

Room to Grow

SmartDev Core Values

SmartDev COO Nguyen Le makes sure we stick to our values.

Our new space will give SmartDev room to comfortably expand — which we intend to keep doing for the foreseeable (and unforeseeable) future. We’re here to stay and our eyes are on the prize: becoming no less than Da Nang’s best software company. 

SmartDev's Lovely Ladies

Some of SmartDev’s lovely ladies, as talented as they are beautiful.

Hardwood trees start as small seeds — but eventually grow into the mightiest trees in the jungle. We’re far past the seedling stage, but have our growth set on an infinite horizon. 

Want to know more about us? Curious to see how we work? Reach out to us to discuss a project, ask for a quote, or to see our new space. 

The future looks bright from here. We hope we can share that light with our customers. 

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