SmartDev worked with KitchenPal to create an app that helps users decide what to cook based on what’s in their fridge. Demand for such an app was and is quite high for such an app during the pandemic, so we needed to make something that would help KitchenPal stand out amongst their competitors. The client is French, but the company is registered in Singapore — adding a fun and challenging international flair to the project that we revel in.

SmartDev developed the app from front to back, using Laravel for our PHP framework and native Android and Swift for our front-end development.

In this case, the client managed our developers directly. This allowed them to expand their understanding of just how the product worked, resulting in our being actively involved in supporting the Product owner as to the art of the possible, adding insight to and substance to features not previously considered. Essentially, we jointly worked on the product roadmap and effectively knowledge shared regarding the app’s structure and capabilities rather than simply handing over a finished product. At one point, development service had to be interrupted, but was resumed without a hitch.

The result has been positive on all sides. The app has an average of over 4 stars on app stores, and SmartDev has received recurrent orders from the client. KitchenPal has also been internationalised, with both an English and a French version. We’re pleased we were able to help many people decide what to eat — not always an easy task during the pandemic.

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