Private Payment Solution for Emerging economies

VeryPay offers innovative white label payment apps for merchants and consumers in cash dominant, less developed markets. With financial inclusion front of mind, VeryPay’s payment solution gives control back to businesses, which can help them to reduce costs and make digital payments accessible to all.

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25 people (6 Java Backend, 2 Android Kotlin; 4 React Native; 1 Business Analyst + Technical Writer; 1 Product Owner; 1 Technical Lead & Project Manager; 1 Devops; 2 React JS; 1 UX/UI Designer; 6 QA)




April 2021 – Present



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The Challenge

Digital payments in Africa have been gaining momentum since 2000 and Africa’s domestic digital payments market is expected to see revenues grow by approximately 20 percent per year, reaching around $40 billion by 2025. SmartDev began working with VeryPay (a Verysell group company) in April 2021, with a mission to drive financial inclusion in Africa and other developing economies, by making digital

payment solutions easier to use and more accessible than ever before. This involved creating a multi-tenant set of payment apps that could integrate quickly and easily with any eWallet. Aligned to this, NFC payment cards and wearable devices were required to sync with the apps. First class security, MFA and a solution that would scale to millions of users was required by VeryPay.

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The Solution

The VeryPay closed-loop payment system is a multi-tenant contactless payment facilitation platform designed to integrate with any mobile wallet. It enables consumer-merchant payment interactions via mobile Android applications and an RFID contactless payment token or QR-code. VeryPay’s system allows a single eWallet account to be shared among friends or family members, where each group member has a dedicated card or wearable device, with member specific spending limits. This allows people who do not have a smartphone or feature phone to be financially included, extending the usage of mobile money to millions of unbanked citizens who currently have no access to financial services.

VeryPay is a closed loop private payment system, allowing businesses to own and operate their own brandable payment scheme. VeryPay’s merchant app turns a smartphone into a payment terminal, removing the need for a bank account and expensive hardware. The consumer app allows eWallet users to extend the use of their account to friends and family, using cost-effective NFC cards, virtual cards (for Apple Pay, Google Pay), wearables or simply by phone tapping. VeryPay makes mobile money simpler, easier to use and more cost effective.


VeryPay for Telcos

VeryPay works with multiple Telco brands across several African countries, specifically, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zambia. These countries are focused on promoting digital payments and Telco’s are aware of the need for payment solutions that can help drive more cash into digital payments. In Uganda and Ghana, VeryPay’s technology is entering pilot phase with several mobile wallet operators in 2023, prior to a wider launch to more than 25 million mobile money users across the region. VeryPay is in the process of becoming a trusted technology partner with several of the industry’s largest brands.

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VeryPay Product Components

The Core Payment Platform is owned and operated by VeryPay. This mobile wallet companion solution integrates into any mobile wallet as an additional technology layer. Based on a client’s business requirements, VeryPay and SmartDev will do the customization. The private payment platform consists of three products: a Merchant Application, a Customer Application and a back office for administration.


1. Merchant App

The merchant application can be customer branded and then published on the Google Play Store. It transforms transform any NFC enabled smartphone into a mobile payment acceptance terminal.


  • Accept Payment
  • Top Up Customer’s Wallet
  • Withdrawals
  • Refunds
  • Display and export transactions
  • Display merchant’s balance

2. Customer App

Our simple integration attaches a branded payment card or wearable payment device to an existing mobile wallet account. Multiple cards or wearable devices can be added to a SINGLE customer account, increasing the adoption and extending usage of your mobile money solution.


  • Display customer’s balance
  • Display transaction history
  • Manage group members
  • Manage payment tokens
  • Accept payment by QR code
  • Integrate with Google wallet

3. Administration Site

The VeryPay back-office administration platform allows the operator to assign roles and responsibilities to individuals or teams, to perform various operations. Customer and merchant data can be interrogated and controlled and bespoke reports can be produced to give ultimate security and control.


Let’s Build Something Together

SmartDev offers a number of solutions, from fully outsourced development to staff augmentation on specific projects, to meet tight deadlines.

What is SmartDev?

A Swiss company built and managed by highly experienced Europeans with a dedication to technical excellence, passed on to promising Vietnamese developers. SmartDev has outsourced development centres in Danang and Hanoi (Vietnam).

How big is your development team?

SmartDev has a team of over 200 developers in Vietnam. Our experienced HR team has the technical knowledge to scale teams up and down as appropriate and find the relevant skills for your project.

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