SmartDev, a global IT services provider, has unveiled its brand-new 400m² Hanoi office. Located on the 5th floor at 19 Duy Tan, Cau Giay District, this momentous occasion marks a significant leap forward for the company. Alongside its current headquarters in Danang, SmartDev now boasts two development centers in Vietnam, solidifying its position as the Software Development Hub for the entire Verysell Group. 


Figure 1: During the Grand Opening event, the SmartDev Hanoi office bloomed with an abundance of flowers, creating a beautifully presented space.

The Unveiling 

From the early morning, the office was adorned with an abundance of flowers from our partners and friends, creating a vibrant environment for the event. At 9:00 AM, the celebration kicked off with a lively Lion Dance. We warmly welcomed more than 30 partners, vendors, and friends, with up to 60 members from our Hanoi team present. Notably, we were honored by the presence of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang, Vice Chairwoman and General Secretary of VINASA, and Mrs. Le Thi Anh Tuyet, Program Manager of Sao Khue. Additionally, top experts from the Verysell Group, including Mr. Yurii Lozinskyi, Head of Applied AI Lab, Mr. Oluwaseun Solanke, CEO of VeryPay, and Mr. Andrey Tikhonov, CTO of VeryPay, joined us. The morning was filled with joy and valuable networking opportunities, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. 


Figure 2: A vibrant Lion Dance erupted, bringing the promise of wealth and prosperity to the Grand Opening Ceremony – a lucky start according to Vietnamese tradition.

DSC09768 1

Figure 3: Image of SmartDev team alongside our honored guests, partners, and friends.

Inspiring Speeches 

Petr Krasnov, the CEO of Verysell Group, opened the event, emphasizing the strategic investment in Vietnam and expressing pride in SmartDev’s rapid growth in both Danang and Hanoi. He highlighted the group’s business ventures, including VeryPay – The Mobile Money Technology Solutions, Applied AI Lab – AI Consultancy and Development with all core team in Hanoi together with SmartDev – The Software Development Centers. The Hanoi expansion underscores a focus on AI solutions and attracting top talent in the region. 


Figure 4: Verysell Group CEO, Petr Krasnov, kicks off the event, highlighting our strategic investment in Vietnam and SmartDev’s growth in Danang & Hanoi.

Alistair Copeland, CEO of SmartDev, shared his excitement about leading SmartDev and his deep connection with Vietnam, having spent nearly 18 years in the country. He praised the fast growth of the team and expressed confidence in SmartDev’s potential to become an iconic presence in the region. 

HMC 8375

Figure 5: SmartDev CEO Alistair Copeland shares his passion for Vietnam and his excitement to lead the company’s growth!

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang, Vice Chairwoman and General Director of VINASA, expressed her admiration for SmartDev’s rapid growth and wished the company success in reaching its milestone of 1,000 employees. With over 20 years of experience in the field, she was particularly impressed by SmartDev’s growth rate, significantly surpassing the industry benchmark of 10%. She emphasized the need for bold and swift progress to achieve high targets. 


Figure 6: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang, Vice Chairwoman and General Director of VINASA, emphasized the remarkable growth and strategic expansion of SmartDev.


Figure 7: SmartDev’s CEO Mr. Alistair Copeland, SmartDev’s CCO Mr. Tuong Lang Vinh, Verysell’s CEO Mr. Petr Krasnov, & VINASA’s Vice Chairwoman and General Director Mrs. Giang Nguyen Thi Thu (L-R).

Achievements and Future Plans 

After the inspiring speeches, participants viewed a video summarizing SmartDev’s key milestones in recent years, particularly since the acquisition by Verysell Group. The acquisition led to a 5x growth in revenue, and SmartDev continues to maintain this momentum. The company has received numerous accolades, including the SME100 Award for fast-growing companies in Asia, ISO27001 certification, and two Sao Khue Awards in April 2024. Looking ahead, SmartDev plans to expand its Danang office to accommodate up to 250 seats by July 2024. 

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony 

A highlight of the event was the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, featuring Petr Krasnov, Alistair Copeland, and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang. Afterward, the entire management team of SmartDev in Vietnam joined the stage for a champagne celebration. The ceremony transitioned into a tea break and networking session, where attendees enjoyed live music from an acoustic band, adding to the festive atmosphere of this successful event. 


Figure 8: During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mr. Petr Krasnov and Mr. Alistair Copeland were also in attendance.


Figure 9: Everyone also participated in the champaign opening activity

A New Chapter – The AI Era Begins 

Hanoi, with its top tech universities, is ready to welcome talented individuals to join SmartDev. The Applied AI Lab, established last year, aims to recruit top talent and build a strong team in Hanoi. The theme for the Grand Opening, “The AI Era Begins,” signifies the start of a new chapter for SmartDev as it transitions to becoming an AI-powered software development company. 

HMC 8665

Figure 10: The Applied AI Lab, launched last year, seeks top talent to build a powerhouse AI team in Vietnam’s tech hub.

The Road Ahead 

SmartDev’s future is bright as it continues to attract top-tier talent and serve global clients with unwavering stability and commitment. The Hanoi office stands as a beacon, illuminating SmartDev’s path toward even greater heights. 

Whether you’re an existing client or considering working with SmartDev, this growth translates into enhanced capabilities and a steadfast dedication to excellence. Reach out to us to begin the discovery phase and explore how SmartDev can be your trusted tech partner. 

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