SmartDev, a leading software development company in Switzerland, with 2 development centers in Vietnam (Da Nang, Hanoi), has officially received two prestigious Sao Khue awards for its 2 nominations: SmartDev’s Best IT Outsourcing Services and VeryPay – Mobile Money Technology Solutions, an innovative payment solution developed by SmartDev’s engineering team. 

saokhue smartdev 1

Figure 1 : Ms. Luan Nguyen represented SmartDev to receive Sao Khue award 2024 

saokhue verypay 1

Figure 2: Mr. Chuong Huynh represented VeryPay to receive Sao Khue award 2024 

Sao Khue is a prestigious and reputable award organized annually by the Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) since 2003 to honor outstanding achievements in the field of information technology and communication. To achieve this prestigious award, nominated products and solutions must undergo 3 rounds of evaluation by a panel of 18 judges and criteria including direct evaluation criteria for products, services (technology platforms, development potential, breakthrough innovation, trend awareness, competitive advantage differentiation, problem-solving efficiency); evaluation criteria for business operational capabilities and brand reputation, as well as business strategy and vision. 

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Figure 3: VeryPay presented to the panel of Sao Khue’s judges during the pitching day


Figure 4: SmartDev presented to the panel of Sao Khue’s judges during the pitching day

In the 2024 Sao Khue competition, SmartDev participated in two nominations: Nomination for Best IT Outsourcing Services in the Digital Services category and nomination for the VeryPay – a mobile payment technology platform in the Innovation category. 

Established in 2014, SmartDev  – A Verysell Group Company ( currently holds a strong position in the IT industry with over 500 employees and a network of 8 representative offices and 6 legal entities in 6 countries worldwide. SmartDev is the Global Technology Partner, providing software development services for over 300 clients worldwide, focusing on various industries such as Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Education, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Entertainment, IT Services and many others. SmartDev stands out with our key selling points: experienced global delivery practices, ensuring cost efficiency and stability, with a specialized focus on AI and fintech innovations. 

VeryPay ( ) is a Fintech innovation that SmartDev has diligently developed for over three years, with a strategic focus on capturing the African market, which boasts the world’s largest population of mobile money users. VeryPay empowers mobile network operators to future-proof their operations through a versatile digital payment platform, offering seamless integration with any mobile wallet. In October 2023, VeryPay made a notable debut at the Mobile World Congress in Kigali. Since then, our solution has garnered attention from leading African publications such as Fintech Times, Fintech Future, Business and Financial Times. The recognition of VeryPay with this award serves as further evidence of SmartDev’s expertise in Fintech, affirming our ability to undertake advanced and high-technology fintech projects with confidence. 

Taking the spotlight are Luan Nguyen, the General Director of SmartDev in Vietnam, and Huynh Duy Chuong, Head of Product from VeryPay, as they step forward to accept the prestigious awards. Presenting the honors are Dr. Nguyen Quan, former Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang, Vice Chairman and General Secretary of VINASA. Joined by the team from SmartDev Hanoi, we come together to witness and celebrate these exceptional moments. 

HMC 1433

Figure 5: SmartDev and VeryPay Team at Sao Khue award 2024

SmartDev’s dual wins at the Sao Khue Awards 2024 is a clear indicator of the company’s industry leadership and commitment to innovation. This triumph not only enhances their reputation within the tech community but also sets a high standard for what Vietnamese technology companies can achieve on both a national and international level. As SmartDev continues to innovate and lead, the entire tech sector is poised for further growth and transformation, promising an exciting future for IT in Vietnam. 

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