SmartDev is pleased to announce its partnership with DesignRush, and to be named in DesignRush’s Top 30 Social Network App Development Companies. Such an honor is the feather in our cap, the freckle on our nose, the cherry on our cake — or whatever such metaphor you please. Put bluntly, we think it’s pretty cool.

DesignRush is one of the best B2B agencies out there, connecting clients with the companies they need. With over 9,000 agencies listed in dozens of countries, DesignRush is a reliable go-to for any company looking to make a decision as to what other firm to hire.

“We’re very happy to partner with DesignRush and be featured as one of the top development companies out there,” said Vincent Roye, Director of SmartDev’s Software Development Center. “We look forward to this cooperation and are excited to get our name out there.”

SmartDev, a Swiss-owned software development company with offshore services in the up-and-coming tech hub of Vietnam, is rapidly expanding its client list and quickly making a name for itself in the offshore development world. We’re thrilled to have our reputation bolstered and cemented by a marketplace as vibrant as DesignRush.

As services continue to move online and demand for high-quality, affordable development continues to grow, SmartDev is in an excellent position to help clients get the job done and look sharp.

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