How did the idea for this project arise? What was the key motivator?

KCityLabs works in real estate services in France, providing IT solutions for cities. They automate real estate value calculation, accelerating their clients’ workflow.
After substantial growth, KCityLabs decided to strengthen their IT Team with a reliable offshore partner to ensure their model was scalable.
The client’s needs covered a progressive technology stack, including Vue JS, React JS and Node JS.

What was the ‘big goal’ of the project? What were the objectives?

BIG GOAL: to continue development speed by using the right offshore technical team


  1. Improve the core business solution CityScan
  2. Provide high-load capability of the website Kinaxia

Our solution:

  • ODC of 7 people (Senior Software Developers)
  • Agile
  • Duration of cooperation: 1 year (14000 hours of effort)
What exactly did we do for KCity?

We were part of the Agile team along with KCity’s management team. This included the full lifecycle of Agile methodology, including Retrospective, Card Planning, and Refinement.

What tasks did we accomplish?

We accomplished tasks across business domains in the KCityLabs Group, including MVP feature implementation , frontend and backend development, and bug fixing.

After one year of cooperation, what results did the client see?

The client was able to present two MVP products to their management team. The result was good enough to grow to the next product milestone.

Simon Jaugey, CTO of KCityLabsSimon jaugey 300x169 1

Since the Smartdev Team joined us, we have never had any issue or problem with their work. Each and every milestone was achieved according to schedule, and we are highly satisfied with the performance of the ODC, as well as their competence and communication. With the help of Smartdev, we managed to launch two new MVP’s which allowed us to support the growth of our business in the market. Fantastic cooperation!

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