In May Smartdev launched an internship program in the field of the Artificial Intelligence with 24 young IT professionals, graduates of the best technical universities in Danang, Vietnam.

The internship program will focus on 2 positions (Junior Fullstack Developer and Automation Tester). When students finish the training they will have enough skills at fresher level.

The training will last 2 months. In the first month, students will be self-learning and SmartDev mentors will help them to learn quickly, we will receive a weekly report for each group and give students instruction to move on.

The second month, students will do the real project that we give them. They will work as a team and making a demo for us every week. After 2 months of training they will show us the project that they did, we will evaluate the project base on 10 criteria. If a student gets 85/100 (mark), she or he passes the training.

The training program will not only help trainees learn to code on React, but to develop outcome-driven software – the approach that the production process of Smartdev is based on.

How is that possible with COVID-19? Simple answer: we will have all of them online in our unique internal learning environment that provides trainees with sufficient support even in remote mode. The Smartdev learning environment is designed under the supervision (and inspiration) of our brilliant CTO Nguyen Le.

‘We at Smartdev always like to demonstrate that technology can and should be used to overcome restrictions of today’, Mr. Le says.

‘The AI internship program of Smartdev is our contribution to helping the future generation of IT professionals get valuable skills to make the future world better’, – says Smartdev CEO Alistair Copeland.

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