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If you are a Singapore company looking for a nearshore development team, SmartDev is the perfect choice for your company. Your team can work closely and smoothly with our experts in banking, finance, insurance, and security, who have a deep understanding of the Singapore market and regulations. SmartDev is a service provider and a trusted, experienced partner.

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SmartDev IT Services

Empower your Singapore enterprise with SmartDev’s comprehensive suite of services, driving Digital Transformation and Operation Efficiency through cutting-edge tech solutions tailored to your needs.


Apps Development & Maintenance

Engineer and sustain robust Web, Mobile, and Desktop Apps. Seamlessly evolve with tech trends, ensuring agility and excellence in user experience.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Provide guardians of your digital ecosystem. Swiftly detect and prevent issues, ensuring uninterrupted operations and peak performance.

Migration/ Modernization

Revitalize your tech landscape, unlocking efficiency and innovation. Ensure that your business is always operating at its full potential.

Testing Service

Quality assurance as paramount. Rigorously test, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and optimize software, guaranteeing reliability and user satisfaction.

IT Dedicated Team

We seamlessly integrate, offering tailored solutions aligned with your vision. With deep familiarity of your workflow, we evolve alongside you.

Cloud Services/ Cloud MSP

Seamlessly migrate, fortify security, and embrace efficiency through our comprehensive cloud services suite (Cloud Migration, Cloud DevOps …)

AI/ Data Mining/ Machine Learning

Leverage cutting-edge AI to extract insights, automate tasks, and make informed decisions that drive growth and innovation.

Our Engagement Models

Choose SmartDev’s nearshore team for seamless collaboration, or opt for our structured scope/design/build model. Both ensure your project excellence.


Nearshore Development Center

1. Near timezone ensures real-time collaboration and rapid response.
2. Tap into seasoned developers with experienced industry expertise.
3. Ensure cost-effective solutions with flexible headcounts and predictable budget planning for IT expense.
4. Benefit from a diverse, English-proficient team that thrives in a multicultural environment.
5. Embrace Agile methodologies seamlessly, paired with a remarkable developer retention rate.

Scope/ Design/ Build

We delivers end to end build services for projects, from inception through to ongoing management and enhancement.
Our aim are to offer on-time, on-specification, and on-budget project delivery.
1. Offers skills and resources that can be difficult to find locally​​ or within the company
2. Provides a source of new perspective and innovative expertise on various areas ​
3. Frees up internal resources to be repurposed​
4. Works with flexible contracts ​to deliver results efficiently

Who we serve


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Banking & Financial Services

Develop innovative solutions for your financial services, personalize customer experiences, and revolutionize fintech services. Keeping ahead of fintech trends gives companies not just a leg up on their competition but also bosted credibility.

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Keep ahead of the competition in the blooming E-learning industry. We’ll help you offer seamless content distribution and integrate global educational expertise – so your end users get a program they understand and trust.

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Medical & Healthcare

Create tech-driven healthcare solutions for more efficient patient care and enhanced overall satisfaction – for both patient and provider. Patients are more informed than ever, and expect healthcare providers to be on the cutting edge of technology.

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Manufacturing/ Logistics

Streamline your operations, optimize your supply chain and increase efficiency with our software development services. Our skilled developers team is dedicated to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Diversify the availability of telecom services, drive customer engagement and reduce financial overhead. They are the backbone of the world’s modern economy, and solid communications software keeps companies up to speed.

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Retail/ E-commerce

Ecommerce is the standard model now, customers expect nothing but the best. We provide the most innovative technological solutions to increase customer engagement, conversion rate and minimize workload.

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Why SmartDev

Flexible & Control

Onshore leadership + Offshore Developement. Native English speaking clients facing teams, based in London, Dubai & Vietnam

Value for Money

High quality human resources & up to 70% cheaper than hiring Devs in Europe

Skills & Capability

2 Development Centers in Vietnam & over 200 employees including BA’s, Project Managers, Software Engineers, UI/UX Designers and QA Engineers


Part of Verysell Technologies Group, headquartered in Switzerland. We have been building software since 2014 & our leadership team has extensive Fintech experience, dating back to 1991

About Us

Learn more about our agile software development model

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What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“Working with SmartDev has been extremely easy. From onboarding, defining the vision, to the product roadmap we had total clarity. In particular, the project management and communication with the whole dev team was a highlight for us. It felt like we had an internal team the whole time and we managed to develop a close relationship with all the team members.”

Toma Pora

Co-Founder, Chief Operation Officer, BOLDR

“The SmartDev team has a great skills set which makes them a great tech partner to work with. The team that we worked with was a combination of different roles. We have developers who work on implementation, Quality Assurance who work on testing the implementation. We also have Scrum Masters who also help with running the team right.”

NDA Clients

Head of Engineering, Finance App in Singapore

“I greatly appreciate the service that SmartDev has been providing to IPTEQ over the last 3 years. The attention that the development team has been giving to our projects is remarkable.”

Santosh J.

Director, IPTEQ