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For a client who prefers to remain anonymous, SmartDev created tools that replicate the services provided by CarCutter. This work covered a series of three projects. The first two projects were B2C, while the third was B2B. All projects relied on machine learning and were built with Python.

In the first project, we built a machine learning model in Python to automatically remove the background of car pictures. Users can upload pictures of their car and the tool will remove the background behind the car, allowing the user to replace it with a more attractive background. This can significantly improve the appeal of a car for sale, leading to higher second-hand selling prices.

Our second project was also a Python-based machine learning app. Whereas the first project allowed users to edit the background of their photo, this second app helps users take better images of their car. For example, the app recognizes the car and tells the user what angle is best to take photos. This service is quite valuable for those with minimal photographic experience, or simply people who want to get the best possible picture of their car for resale.

The third project helped our client’s garage improve the speed at which they create a composite image of a car. Our machine learning app creates a composite image from a video taken of the car. The machine learning algorithm then analyzes the car for scratches, dents, and other damage that can affect resale prices.

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