Loci Amica – Local Tour Guide App

Partner to create Loci Amica’s app, which offers a unique platform for connecting international travelers with local tour guides worldwide, starting with Taiwan. The app incorporates cutting-edge technology, including a messaging platform, streamlined booking and payment processing, and a rating system for user feedback. Loci Amica’s app enables travelers to enjoy a more authentic and immersive travel experience, while supporting local hosts and businesses. 


1 Project Manager, 4 React Native Devs,
3 NodeJS Backend Devs


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iOS & Android app


03/2019 – 09/2019



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The Challenge

Loci Amica is a travel app that enables travelers to connect with local tour guides who provide customized recommendations and insights into the local culture. However, the app’s real-time aspect poses a significant technical challenge. As travelers may require immediate updates, any last-minute changes must be promptly communicated to users. This necessitates a reliable and secure system that can ensure the content of each tour and its associated pricing are always accurate and dependable.

Moreover, the payment gateway is a critical aspect of the app, requiring a robust and secure system to process financial transactions. A dependable payment processing system ensures the financial integrity of the platform, which builds trust with users and minimizes the risk of fraudulent activity. The app’s real-time functionality and payment gateway pose significant technical challenges that require a dependable and secure system to ensure users’ satisfaction and safety. 

Technology Stacks

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React Native


iOS App


Android App





The Solution

SmartDev was chosen as the strategic partner to create Loci Amica’s app. We did corporate to deliver the following solutions:

1. To develop the Loci Amica app, we opted for React Native as the platform for mobile app development due to its large developer community, pre-built components, modular architecture, and cross-platform support.

2. We chose Firebase as the ideal backend solution, providing real-time data synchronization, faster queries using a NoSQL database, social network login, push notification, analytics, crash reports, cloud storage, and Test Lab.

3. We recommended Stripe as the payment gateway for its ease of integration with React Native and compatibility with Firebase.

Loci Amica expressed great satisfaction with our partnership as a result of our incorporation of advanced technologies. Our consistent and proactive involvement throughout the app development process, from early phase implementation to final delivery to the market, was highly appreciated.

Loci Amica

Loci Amica Core Features


Customizable Booking System

  • Allows hosts to create and manage customizable details such as tour duration, pricing, availability and directly communicate with their guests.
  • Allows travelers to browse, book and view tours through the Loci Amica app and connect with local guides through a message platform.

Payment system

  • Allow users to make payments securely and  manage their payment methods through the Loci Amica app.

Rating System

  • Enables travelers to provide feedback and reviews of their hosts and experiences.

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