Sao Khue Awards, established in 2003 by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), represent the zenith of achievement in Vietnam’s rapidly growing technology sector. Renowned for their rigorous standards and backed by the Ministry of Information and Communications along with other governmental agencies, these awards are a hallmark of unparalleled prestige and industry authority. Each year, they honor products and services that lead the market and set global benchmarks for quality and innovation. This rigorous evaluation ensures that the awards elevate recipients to an elite status, marking them as the preferred choice for consumers and businesses. 

This year, we at SmartDev, a trailblazer in technology development, are proud to have secured two Sao Khuê Awards for IT Outsourcing Services and Mobile Technology Solutions. These accolades highlight our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation and spotlight our specialized venture, VeryPay—a cutting-edge fintech solution crafted by our adept engineering team. 

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Our journey to these prestigious awards was characterized by meticulous preparation and strategic execution. In preparation for evaluation, we compiled extensive documentation and presentations that showcased our technological achievements and outlined our progressive strategies within the IT sector. This included in-depth financial reports, comprehensive product descriptions, and precise strategic plans, all tailored to meet the demanding criteria set by the awards. 

The Presentation Round was conducted in the tech-forward environments of major educational institutions in Hà Nội and TP. Hồ Chí Minh, SmartDev was allocated 25 minutes to present their case. The session was structured to include a three-minute setup and introduction, a ten-minute detailed presentation of their innovative solutions, and a ten-minute interactive Q&A session with the esteemed panel of judges. The presentation concluded with two minutes dedicated to clearing the stage, a crucial time to cement a lasting impact on the audience and the judges. 

The criteria for judging emphasized innovation, functionality, market potential, and presentation quality, reflecting the comprehensive and exacting nature of the Sao Khuê Awards. We showcased the unique attributes and advantages of VeryPay and demonstrated how their solutions distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace, particularly emphasizing the adaptability and robust security features essential in the fintech industry. 

Through this detailed and transparent competitive process, we at SmartDev celebrated our victories and set a new benchmark for excellence. These achievements reinforce our position as a global leader in the IT landscape and showcase the strong capabilities of Vietnamese technological innovations on the world stage. 


The judging panel for the Sao Khuê Awards is fundamental to its credibility and the fairness of its evaluation process. Comprised of a diverse group of experts organized by VINASA, the panel includes notable figures from various sectors critical to the IT industry. These experts range from former government officials like Dr. Nguyen Quan, the former Minister of Science and Technology, who serves as the chairman, to leaders in both academic and practical fields such as Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuyen from the Ministry of Information and Communications and Dr. Duong Thi Minh Soan from the Military Technical Academy. 

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This diversity ensures a comprehensive analysis of the technological aspects and the market implications of the products and services being judged. For instance, the involvement of Ms. Vo Thi Trung Trinh, Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Digital Transformation Center, and Mr. Le Quoc Cuong, Deputy Director of the Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park, provides invaluable insight into how technology can be effectively implemented within urban and high-tech environments. 

Scoring System 

The scoring system of the Sao Khuê Awards is meticulously structured to assess crucial aspects of each nomination, including innovation, functionality, market potential, and presentation quality. The evaluation criteria are grouped into several categories, each with a specific weighting: 

  • Innovation and Creativity (10-20%): This measures the novelty and technological innovation of the product. For VeryPay, this involved highlighting its unique approach to fintech solutions. 
  • Effectiveness (15%): Assessing the practical impact and efficiency of the product in real-world applications. 
  • Market Potential (15-20%): Evaluating the product’s economic impact and scalability within its targeted market. 
  • Functionality (10-15%): This focuses on the usability and performance of the product. 
  • Technology and Product Quality (15-20%): Examining the technical robustness and overall product quality. 
  • Financials/Market Impact (10-20%): Looking at the product’s economic benefits to users and the company. 
  • Presentation and Documentation Quality (10%): Evaluating the clarity and thoroughness of the presentation and supporting documents. 

The scoring process involves assigning points based on the achievement level in each criterion, followed by calculating an average score. To be recognized with a Sao Khuê Award, a product or service must achieve an average score of at least 7 out of 10. 


In preparation for the Sao Khuê Awards, SmartDev meticulously crafted presentations for each of our awarded services: IT Outsourcing and VeryPay, our mobile technology solution. These presentations were designed to clearly articulate each service’s unique value propositions, aligning closely with the criteria set by the awards’ judging panel.  

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Our presentations began with a focus on the innovative aspects of both services. For IT Outsourcing, we highlighted our use of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that have significantly improved efficiency and quality for our clients globally. In the case of VeryPay, we showcased the application of blockchain technology to enhance security and transparency in financial transactions, a significant innovation in the fintech sector. 

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We provided concrete examples and case studies of how our IT outsourcing services have transformed client operations, delivering measurable improvements in speed, cost-efficiency, and productivity. For VeryPay, we demonstrated live interactions with the platform, showing its ease of use, seamless integration capabilities with existing systems, and how it simplifies complex financial processes for users.  

We included market analysis, growth statistics, and future potential to outline how SmartDev’s services are positioned within the global market.  

For VeryPay, market research highlighting the rising demand for fintech solutions and our strategic positioning within this space was discussed to underline the vast market potential. 

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We provided detailed technical descriptions of the IT frameworks and security measures employed, ensuring the panel could appreciate the depth of thought and planning in our solutions. We also highlighted VeryPay’s robust architecture and compliance with international cybersecurity standards, which resonates well with our commitment to quality and reliability. 

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Our financial performance metrics were shared to illustrate our solutions’ profitability and market acceptance. We discussed how VeryPay has opened new client revenue streams and enhanced financial inclusivity for end-users. For our outsourcing services, client testimonials spoke to the cost savings and operational scalability they achieved by partnering with SmartDev. 

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Anticipating the judges’ inquiries, we prepared data-backed responses and had subject matter experts on hand to address technical questions. This proactive approach ensured a fluid and dynamic Q&A session, further demonstrating our team’s expertise and deep understanding of the technologies we develop. 

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Winning the Sao Khuê Awards significantly bolsters our international reputation, affirming SmartDev’s role as a global leader capable of delivering high-quality, innovative IT solutions. The recognition is a powerful endorsement of our ability to meet rigorous international standards, making SmartDev a preferred partner for global enterprises seeking top-tier IT services and solutions. 

Through this transparent and competitive process, we celebrated our achievements and established new benchmarks for excellence, showcasing the strong capabilities of Vietnamese technological innovations on the world stage. Our success at the Sao Khuê Awards motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the IT industry, driving global business success and digital transformation. 

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