RPA Solutions

Customer Onboarding and KYC Compliance

Banks can achieve a transformational shift in customer onboarding with UiPath’s RPA platform. Intelligent bots automate interactions across systems, effortlessly collecting, validating, and populating customer data into CRMs. UiPath excels at extracting data from various sources, including scanned documents. This, coupled with automated KYC compliance checks, streamlines the process, reduces errors, and ensures regulatory adherence, ultimately leading to faster onboarding and a more positive customer experience.

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Loan Processing and Underwriting

UiPath’s RPA revolutionizes loan origination for banks. Intelligent bots seamlessly integrate with loan origination systems, credit bureaus, and risk assessment tools to automate tasks like application processing, credit scoring, and even underwriting decisions. These tireless bots gather data across sources, perform calculations, verify applicant financials, and generate loan approvals or rejections based on pre-defined criteria. This translates to faster processing times, improved accuracy in underwriting, and ultimately, happier customers with quicker loan approvals and disbursements.

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

UiPath’s RPA acts as a vigilant fraud fighter for banks. By automating real-time analysis of transaction data and account activity, these tireless bots can identify suspicious patterns and anomalies. Continuously monitoring transaction logs, customer behavior, and historical data, UiPath flags potentially fraudulent activities for further investigation. This automation strengthens banks’ fraud prevention, reduces false positives through meticulous analysis, and allows for a swifter response to emerging threats, ultimately mitigating financial risks.

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Claims Processing in Insurance  

UiPath’s RPA streamlines insurance claims processing from start to finish. Intelligent bots seamlessly handle everything from claim intake and validation to final adjudication and settlement. These tireless workers extract data from forms, policies, and evidence, ensuring accuracy by validating claims against policy rules. Additionally, UiPath automates the payment process for approved claims, resulting in faster settlements. This translates to increased operational efficiency for insurance companies and a significantly improved customer experience through faster claim resolution.

 Compliance and Regulatory Reporting 

 UiPath’s RPA platform transforms compliance into a smooth, automated process. These intelligent bots handle the heavy lifting, automating data collection, validation, and report generation from various systems. With meticulous accuracy, they reconcile data and generate compliance reports for submission to regulatory authorities, meeting all deadlines. This automation empowers organizations to achieve consistent and timely compliance, minimizing the risk of penalties and freeing up compliance teams for more strategic tasks like risk management.

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Data Entry and Data Management 

UiPath’s RPA platform tackles tedious data entry across banking and finance. These tireless bots become data wranglers, extracting information from emails, documents, spreadsheets, and even web forms. With precision, they input this data into the appropriate systems, databases, or applications. This automation streamlines data entry for banks and financial institutions, slashing manual errors and ensuring data accuracy and consistency. By freeing employees from repetitive tasks, UiPath empowers them to focus on higher-value activities, boosting operational efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, customer service.

Other Fintech Practices

Financial Services Mobile Solutions

We develop secure mobile applications for banking, wallets, and payments within the BFSI domain. Our expertise includes crafting middleware that seamlessly integrates these functionalities with account opening, payment processing, and core banking applications.



We has a team of experienced and certified blockchain developers who use the latest tools and frameworks to deliver robust, scalable, and secure blockchain applications that meet the customer’s requirements and expectations.

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