The fast-evolving fintech sector is a beacon of innovation and empowerment, reshaping how we think about financial services on a global scale. Recognizing the pivotal role of academic collaboration in fostering industry innovation, SmartDev recently partnered with the University of Danang for a groundbreaking workshop focused on the fintech landscape titled “Exploring Global Fintech Trends and Equipping Finance Department Students” on 9th of May. 

A Dynamic Gathering of Minds 

The University of Da Nang inaugurated its FinTech Department two years ago with the aim of providing students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in financial technology. Building on this foundation, the University has partnered with SmartDev to further enhance their students’ competencies through a special workshop. This collaboration underscores a commitment to cultivating a highly skilled workforce equipped to thrive in the rapidly advancing digital economy. 

Event Speakers and Representatives from University of Da Nang scaled

Figure 1: Event Speakers and Representatives from University of Da Nang

The workshop hosted an enthusiastic group of up to 100 participants, primarily students from the FinTech and Banking Departments at the University of Da Nang, who were eager to deepen their understanding of the FinTech industry. These aspiring professionals were joined by two distinguished speakers, Andrey Tikhonov, Chief Technology Director at VeryPay, and Huynh Duy Chuong, Head of Product Development at VeryPay Vietnam along with the representatives from University of Da Nang. The event provided a unique opportunity for these students to engage directly with seasoned industry experts and gain firsthand insights into the challenges and innovations shaping the world of financial technology. 

Global Fintech Landscape: A Comparative Analysis 

The workshop kicked off with an in-depth comparative analysis of the global fintech landscape by speaker Andrey. The fintech sector continues to be a dynamic area of growth, fundamentally altering how financial services are delivered and consumed. As technology advances and regulatory frameworks evolve, fintech is expected to expand its reach and depth, potentially making financial systems more inclusive, efficient, and resilient. The continuous innovation within fintech not only responds to current consumer and business needs but also anticipates future challenges and opportunities in the global financial landscape.

Andreys Sharing about VeryPay scaled

Figure 2: Sharing from speaker Andrey

Mr. Andrey also specifically noted that digital payments and mobile wallets are currently leading the trend in the fintech space. Once we effectively adapt to the changes in digital payment technologies, we can reap substantial benefits. 

Fintech’s Role in Solving Global Challenges 

The workshop then continues with the sharing from Mr. Huynh Duy Chuong. He shifted towards how fintech is uniquely positioned to tackle global socio-economic challenges such as enhancing financial inclusion and supporting sustainable development goals. Fintech innovations have successfully reduced barriers to financial services in underserved communities, improving economic participation and fostering small enterprise growth.  

Empowering Through Fintech: VeryPay’s Vision and Mission 

Building on the discussion about fintech’s capacity to address global socio-economic challenges, the achievements of VeryPay serve as exemplary cases of how targeted fintech innovations can significantly advance financial inclusion and support sustainable development goals.  

Sharing from speaker Huynh Duy Chuong

Figure 3: Chuong’s Sharing about VeryPay

VeryPay is revolutionizing the eWallet landscape with its Companion Solution, an advanced transaction engine coupled with a payment token system that integrates effortlessly with any eWallet. This technology enables Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to quickly deploy easy-to-use payment solutions across various applications and run their own branded contactless payment schemes without traditional financial intermediaries like issuers and acquirers. This capability enhances customer value delivery and is pivotal in reducing churn and driving growth. 

Aligned with its mission to expand accessibility and foster financial inclusion, VeryPay aims to simplify the digital payment process with its flexible, fully customizable solutions. These efforts are particularly focused on improving access for underbanked citizens, democratizing financial services, and ensuring broader participation in the digital economy. 

Career Readiness: Skills and Knowledge for Fintech Success 

A vital part of the workshop focused on preparing attendees for careers in fintech. In the dynamic fintech industry, professionals need a blend of technical skills, financial knowledge, and soft skills to succeed.  

According to Chuong, in the fintech industry where innovation and regulatory compliance intersect, soft skills are not just beneficial—they are essential. As fintech projects often involve cross-functional teams whose success depends on collaboration and the seamless integration of diverse skills and perspectives. These soft skills enhance the industry’s capacity to innovate responsibly and adapt to the rapid pace of technological and regulatory changes, ensuring that advancements in fintech are both pioneering and compliant. 

Interactive Q&A: Engaging with Fintech Experts

QA Activity scaled

Figure 4: Q&A Activity

The workshop concluded with an engaging Interactive Q&A session, offering attendees the invaluable opportunity to consult directly with seasoned fintech experts from VeryPay and SmartDev. This session proved to be a cornerstone of the event, as it facilitated a lively exchange of ideas and allowed for personalized insights into the fintech industry. Participants had the chance to pose specific questions and receive detailed responses, enhancing their understanding of complex fintech issues and potential career paths. 

Mini Game about Fintech Knowledge scaled

Figure 5: Mini Game about Fintech Knowledge

This interactive element not only deepened the attendees’ knowledge but also empowered them to apply what they learned in practical contexts, potentially sparking innovative ideas for future projects. The direct access to experts provided a unique platform for clarifying doubts, exploring advanced topics, and receiving career guidance, making it an invaluable component of the fintech learning experience.

A Heartfelt Thanks 

We express our heartfelt thanks to all participants of this enriching workshop, especially the engaged and enthusiastic students from the University of Danang’s finance department. Their insightful contributions significantly enhanced the discussions and highlighted the importance of merging academic learning with industry insights. 

A Moment of SmartDev Team at University of Danang scaled

Figure 7: A Moment of SmartDev Team at University of Danang

Special thanks are also due to our distinguished speakers, Andrey Tikhonov and Huynh Duy Chuong, whose expertise and willingness to share their knowledge provided invaluable perspectives. Additionally, we appreciate the collaborative efforts of the University of Danang’s finance department and SmartDev team, whose support was essential in organizing and ensuring a productive session for everyone involved. 

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