Digital Wallet Development Services

Financial Super Apps & Payment Ecosystems

Digital Wallets & Super Apps are changing the way people run every aspect of their daily routines. They help us to manage payments, remittances, loyalty programs, banking, loans & credits, insurance products, and investment portfolios, as well as securely storing documents, medical records, and biometrics. The common practices are:


  • AI/ML-powered Personal Digital Assistant 
  • Embedded Marketplaces: Micro-loans; 3rd-party & Government payments ; Pay-to-earn mechanics & Games Brokerage; Portfolio management 
  • Insurance; International payments system integration (MoneyGram, Western Union)
  • Customer & Merchant Loyalty management 

Digital Onboarding & Acquisition

Businesses need a simple, secure customer onboarding strategy. The key to build trust and confidence from the onset, is to accelerate a consumer’s time-to-value with the help of machine learning and other 3rd party integrations. The common practices are: 


  • Digital Client Engagement 
  • Automated Identity Verification: KYC, KYB & AML

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Loyalty management & eCommerce interoperability 

People now regard loyalty points as a payment method, which urges loyalty Solution providers to adjust their strategies and concentrate on interoperability between loyalty platforms, payment providers, and eCommerce solutions. Loyalty management solutions are moving towards an independent revenue generation channel and part of omnichannel strategies for Retailers and eCommerce merchants. 

Helping simplify complex approaches as “Pay with Points” or “Split the Purchase” – SmartDev enables loyalty management companies and banks to keep winning the hearts of buyers. 


Custom Financial models & Ledger development 

As a core system that reflects the financial model, the ledger is vital for Electronic Money Institution license holders. Well-designed ledgers are not just an effortless point of integration and payment orchestration, but also a mechanism to extend financial operations and drive market evolution.  

Providing ledgers with No/Low-Code tools for financial model management, SmartDev offers Digital Wallet Operators enormous opportunities to bring new financial products to the market easily and speed up ROI. 

Digital Wallet Security Assessment  

As the use of a Digital Wallets increases, the more vulnerable these systems can become. Cyber-attacks are on the rise, posing threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of digital wallets. Consequently, performing comprehensive security assessments and implementing effective risk management policies becomes imperative for businesses. 

SmartDev provides its customers with the tools to evaluate levels of compliance against general and industry-specific security standards and data management requirements. This is essential to run a business securely on-premise or in the cloud. 


Other Fintech Practices

Digital Payment Solutions

Create services that are embedded in your customers’ devices to normalize their payment habits. By harnessing the latest digital payment technologies safely and sustainably, you can disrupt the current market. Get acquainted with digital payment solutions with Smartdev Fintech Engineers. 

Blockchain Custom Development

Leverage blockchain development services from SmartDev to develop and run distributed ledger technology based solutions that match your strategy, stay ahead of the competition and deliver long term objectives. 

Our People

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David Drever

20+ years’ experience in PayTech, focusing on developing GTM strategies, sales channels and cross cultural teams. David’s background in business psychology enables him to help clients understand the impact of people in all phases of software development.


Yurii Lozinskyi

30+ years experience in global IT and consultancy for business process and digital transformation across the Financial Services, Insurance and HealthCare industries.

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Andrey Tikhonov

20+ years of progressive technology development and executive management experience in the card payments industry. He provides vision, strategy, and direction through the full product life cycle.

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