Instead of disparate networks separated by gaps, the modern world has become completely interconnected. Ever-larger volumes of data are being transferred every day and every second. In short, the modern world is not like Swiss cheese anymore — the air pockets have been closed and all parts of the economy touch. If we may continue using a cheese metaphor, the modern economy resembles much more a ripe, fluid camembert. 

Businesses have always been able to benefit from data when it’s properly utilized, and the good news is that the current generation of information technology has substantially decreased the cost of entry for modern data management. Contemporary frameworks and technologies such as Node.js, Python, Vue.js, Swift and more have made the implementation process faster and a company’s ROI more swift.

To understand which IT solution could help you in the near future, we at Smartdev recommend using the following method. Ask your customer service four simple questions:

  • Which process or proccesses are bottlenecks?
  • What would be your ideal customer experience?
  • How shall we measure improvement?
  • Why is this improvement important for the whole business?

Our Swiss client in the heating transportation field did just that. Koleda, an IT company in a swiftly-changing market, decided to develop a cutting-edge mobile app with SmartDev. This app allows Koleda’s customers to take better control of their heating costs. But why was this a pressing issue? 

Simply put, Koleda was paying attention. The company saw a significant change in the smart home market due to unstable gas prices in the European market. Smart customers have realized they can choose which areas of their home to heat at specific times. Doing so saves money, reduces energy use, and helps protect the environment.

If you are considering how you could better serve your clients after this summit, here are some clues that might help. In modern logistics services, the potential of innovation lies in the following fields:

  • Convenience of order management;
  • Exactness of customer planning;
  • Data accessibility;
  • Smart systems able to give recommendations to the client;
  • Gamified systems.

For example, CoverGo, a French insurance company, decided to gain a bigger market share by improving their order management system. As a result, their solution provided a convenient workflow for customers, and the Broker Platform with many valuable user management functions allowed the company to grow rapidly.

That’s the way it goes: If you are striving to become a leader in your sector, region, or have broad ambitions in general, relieving your clients’ headaches is a must. 

Go to this page, leave your four answers for your case, type in your ‘logistik’ promocode and we at Smartdev will provide our solution for your challenge.

Yours sincerely,


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