On May 15th, as part of the Verysell Group’s University Tour series with participation of top experts and the SmartDev team, an enriching and educational workshop took place at our office. This event signified a major collaboration with the British University of Vietnam (BUV), further strengthening the ties between academia and industry leaders in the realm of technology and innovation. 

A Diverse Ensemble 

The British University of Vietnam (BUV) is a prestigious institution renowned for its high academic standards and strong industry connections. Offering British degrees awarded by Staffordshire University and the University of London, BUV provides a world-class education that combines rigorous academic training with practical skills. Its commitment to excellence is reflected in its state-of-the-art campus, experienced faculty, and comprehensive student support services, making it a leading choice for higher education in Vietnam. SmartDev was honered to have them joined in our event series. This time, our team was also graced by prominent figures such as Petr Krasnov, CEO of the Verysell Group and Mr. Yurii Lozinskyi, Head of the Applied AI Lab. Notably, we were joined with Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Ha, SmartDev’s Marketing Director as well as Dr. Soan Duong from the Applied AI Lab and other members of SmartDev Team. The atmosphere was marked by a palpable sense of enthusiasm, fostering a conducive environment for engaging discussions and networking. 

Figure 1 SmartDev Teams first meeting with enthusiastic BUV students marking the beginning of a collaborative journey towards innovation and excellence scaled

Figure 1: SmartDev Team’s first meeting with enthusiastic BUV students, marking the beginning of a collaborative journey towards innovation and excellence.

Illuminating Discussions 

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Ha commenced the workshop with an insightful introduction to the organizational structure of Verysell Group and SmartDev. She provided a comprehensive overview of the company’s mission, values, and operational strategies. Additionally, Ms. Ha elaborated on the exciting internship opportunities available at SmartDev, emphasizing the hands-on experience and professional growth prospects these programs offer to aspiring students. 

Figure 2 scaled

Figure 2: Ms. Ngoc Ha, Marketing Manager, introduced about Verysell Group and SmartDev Team.

Following Ms. Ha’s sharing, Mr. Yurii Lozinskyi, Head of the Applied AI Lab, captivated the audience with his in-depth exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). By providing a historical context, Mr. Yurii highlighted the evolution of AI from its inception to its current state, where it has become an integral part of various industries. He discussed the rapid advancements in AI technologies, driven by improvements in computing power, data availability, and algorithmic development. This introduction set the stage for a deeper exploration of AI’s capabilities and its far-reaching implications. 

Figure 3 Mr. Yurii Lozinskyi shared invaluable insights into the future of AI captivating the audience with his expertise and vision scaled

Figure 3: Mr. Yurii Lozinskyi shared invaluable insights into the future of AI, captivating the audience with his expertise and vision.

Following this foundational overview, Mr. Yurii delved into the latest AI trends in 2024, which are GenAI, AI Agent, AGI and Digital Twins, then provided an in-depth look at emerging technologies and their potential impact. These technologies, he noted, are revolutionizing creative industries, enabling unprecedented levels of automation and innovation. 

DSC02380 scaled

Figure 4: Mr. Yurii’s examples of AI Applications

Dr. Soan Duong then took the stage to delve into the essential skills and career opportunities within the AI field. She emphasized the critical competencies required for success in this rapidly evolving sector, such as advanced technical knowledge, analytical thinking, and adaptability. Dr. Soan’s session provided practical advice and guidance, empowering students to navigate the dynamic landscape of AI careers and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

Figure 4 Dr. Soan and her sharing about Transitioning and Essential skills in the AI Era scaled

Figure 5: Dr. Soan and her sharing about Transitioning and Essential skills in the AI Era

A significant portion of the event was dedicated to discussing our Internship Programme, designed to foster the next generation of tech leaders. Interns at SmartDev enjoy a range of benefits designed to enhance their professional development and career prospects. They are provided with hands-on experience in a dynamic and innovative environment, working alongside seasoned professionals on real-world projects.  

Additionally, SmartDev offers comprehensive mentorship programs where interns receive guidance and feedback from experienced mentors, helping them refine their skills and navigate their career paths. Interns also have access to a variety of training sessions and workshops aimed at developing both technical and soft skills, such as communication and teamwork. Furthermore, the collaborative and inclusive culture at SmartDev ensures that interns feel valued and supported, creating a conducive environment for learning and growth.

Anh chup man hinh 2024 05 27 104335

Figure 6: Internship Benefits

To further enhance engagement and make the learning experience enjoyable, we incorporated a dynamic mini game into the agenda. This activity was thoughtfully designed to be both entertaining and educational, ensuring it effectively reinforced the key concepts discussed during the workshop. 

Figure 5 BUV students received their prizes after winning the mini game scaled

Figure 7: BUV students received their prizes after winning the mini game.

They experienced the collaborative spirit that is a cornerstone of our work culture at SmartDev. The friendly competition and shared goals helped build strong connections among the participants, promoting teamwork and mutual support. This interactive and engaging format not only solidified their understanding of the workshop content but also highlighted the importance of collaboration and innovation in achieving success in the tech industry. 

Figure 6 BUV students receiving small gifts for their participation in the workshop scaled

Figure 8: BUV students receiving small gifts for their participation in the workshop.

Moreover, an open Q&A session was held, where students could voice their queries and curiosities about the Internship Programme at SmartDev. This segment was particularly valuable as it addressed specific concerns and provided detailed information on how students can become part of our dynamic team. 

Figure 7 Image of BUV students during the workshop scaled

Figure 9: BUV students during the workshop

Ms. Ha, along with other SmartDev representatives, offered insights on the application process, the selection criteria, and the benefits of joining the programme. They shared personal anecdotes and success stories, illustrating the growth and career advancement opportunities available to interns at SmartDev. 

Figure 8 Ms. Trang a member of the HR Team answered BUV students about the internship programme scaled

Figure 10: Ms. Trang, a member of the HR Team, answered BUV students about the internship programme.

Gratitude and Future Endeavors 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the British University of Vietnam (BUV) for their collaboration in making this event a success. It was a genuine pleasure to host such inquisitive and talented students at our office, whose enthusiasm and engagement greatly enriched the workshop experience. 

This collaboration underscores the importance of strong partnerships between industry and academia, particularly as we navigate the complexities of the AI era. These interactions enhance the students’ learning experiences by providing real-world insights and practical applications of their studies. 

Figure 9 A gift from BUV representatives presented to SmartDev symbolizing the partnership and collaboration between the institutions scaled

Figure 11: A gift from BUV representatives presented to SmartDev, symbolizing the partnership and collaboration between the institutions.

Right after the workshop, we received numerous questions and expressions of interest regarding our internship program. We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and curiosity about the opportunities we offer. Your inquiries are invaluable as they help us understand the aspects of our program that resonate most with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or need additional information. We are always here to support you and provide any assistance you may require. 

Our commission 

The future of SmartDev shines brightly as we steadfastly pursue our mission to connect top-tier talent with cutting-edge opportunities. Our commitment to innovation and excellence positions us as a leader in the tech industry, attracting the brightest minds and delivering unparalleled service to our global clients.  

Our mission is clear: To be at the forefront of technological innovation, shaping the future of the tech industry while empowering the next generation of tech leaders. 

Join us now and together, we will continue to illuminate the path toward greater achievements and global success. 

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