Blockchain Custom Development Services

Blockchain Consulting 

We offer a range of consulting services, from blockchain strategy development to the design and build of blockchain-based solutions. We assist startups, scale-ups and enterprises in the process of adopting blockchain technology.


  • Blockchain Consultancy 
  • Quick PoC (Proof of Concept)
blockchain consulting
smart contract

Smart Contract Development 

Smart contract development services for private, public, and hybrid blockchains can revolutionize your business. We help enterprises automate their operations, streamline workflow, and reduce the cost of key processes by using our deep expertise across multiple smart contract programming languages and tech stacks.


  • Smart Contract Architecture
  • Smart Contract Design & Development
  • Smart Contract Audit 
  • Smart Contract Optimization 

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dApp Development on Public and Enterprise Blockchain 

Blockchain technology brings the opportunity to replace weak points and reduce business process bottlenecks in regulated and complex industries.We design and develop decentralized applications on both public or enterprise blockchains that can integrate into your existing business processes and systems, enabling more secure collaborations, data exchanges, and transactions. The most common practices are: 


  • Blockchain wallets 
  • Blockchain based decentralized marketplaces 
  • NFT development services
decentralized app

Blockchain Tokenomics

Tokenomics are used to determine the correct price, supply, distribution, yield, timelines and governance of tokens issued as part of a crypto project. Getting the tokenomics model right is critical in ensuring the assets are attractive as investments. SmartDev Teams have a solid background of practice to develop an effective, trustful tokenized economic model for regular tokes as well as for NFTs.


  • Economic model development
  • Existing models’ validation and adjustment
  • Smart contracts implementation

Crypto Asset Development – Token Development 

An increasing number of companies are choosing to join the crypto market, making it increasingly attractive. If you want to develop your own cryptocurrency, Smartdev has an unparalleled talent pool and industry expertise to be your top-tier cryptocurrency development partner.


  • Cryptocurrency Consulting
  • ICO Development
  • Crypto Asset Development 
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Crypto Wallet Development
crypto currency

Other Fintech Practices

Digital Payment Solutions

Create modern payment applications to simplify your customers payment journeys. By harnessing the latest digital payment technologies safely and securely, we can help you leverage the current market. Get acquainted with digital payment solutions with Smartdev Fintech Engineers.

Digital Wallet Services

SmartDev stays ahead in the payment revolution by creating secure and feature-rich digital wallet applications for iOS and Android and offers related services for customer onboarding/acquisition or secure assessment.

Our People

Our leadership team has extensive Global Fintech experience. They will be on the next call with you to tackle the your fintech challenge. 


David Drever

20+ years’ experience in PayTech, focusing on developing GTM strategies, sales channels and cross cultural teams. David’s background in business psychology enables him to help clients understand the impact of people in all phases of software development.


Yurii Lozinskyi

30+ years experience in global IT and consultancy for business process and digital transformation across the Financial Services, Insurance and HealthCare industries.

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Andrey Tikhonov

20+ years of progressive technology development and executive management experience in the card payments industry. He provides vision, strategy, and direction through the full product life cycle.

Our Process

Sales Discovery Call

Contact us to schedule a short call. Please share a brief overview of your business vision via our online form.

Sign NDA

Sign an NDA to ensure the highest level of privacy. This allows us to freely explore throughout the process. 

Technical Discovery Call

Schedule a technical discovery call with our team of experts, to allow us to accurately translate your vision into an ideal solution. 

Proposal & Discussion

We send a comprehensive project proposal and schedule feedback sessions to discuss and finalize the plan. 
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Have a Project in Mind?

With Smartdev, you can find a range of fintech competencies to help you scope, design and build your ideal product or solution. Share your vision with us and we will get back to you the following working day.