A bank agnostic supply chain finance platform

Our client’s platform transforms and automates manual supply chain financial processes by integrating all banks and simplifying workflows. It empowers the users with full end to end visibility and control via one single platform.

*Client is under NDA with SmartDev.

Scope of Partnership

Automation Testing


Finance & Supply Chain


From March 2022 – ongoing



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The Challenge

Supply chains are crucial to any business, regardless of size, location, domain or complexity. An inefficient supply chain locks up working capital and impacts revenue. Complex ecosystems with a large number of partners often require individual integrations and extensive support to manage operations effectively.

Our client had multiple integration points resulting in data inconsistencies, inefficient processes and unnecessarily complex business flows, resulting in slower production cycles across across business, from ordering to payments. This led to fragmented, manual processes, rigid and risk prone systems, inefficiencies across departments, a lack of visibility across the system and unavailable working capital.

Technology Stacks

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The Solution

SmartDev was approached by a trusted partner to help them create a solution for this complex and costly problem. The platform provides a single integration point for all supply chain partners to vastly simplify the process. It streamlines business workflows, releases client’s working capital and enables operational teams to make informed decisions using optimised data and improved all-round visibility. Aside from business efficiencies, the solution also reduces the overheads of managing multiple integrations and expedites onboarding for new partners by providing a common interface.

supplychain platform

The Platform

The platform provides end to end access and control for everyone involved in the supply chain, from the buy side, sell side and financial intermediaries.

For Suppliers

  • Supplier Finance

  • Pre-shipment Finance

  • Supplier Onboarding

  • Dynamic Discounting

  • Reverse Factoring

  • Top Up Pricing

For Buyers

  • Receivables Finance

  • Distributor Finance

  • Invoice Discounting

  • Buyer Onboarding

Value Added Services

  • Payment Gateways

  • Client Integrations

  • Data Analytics

  • Triggers & Monitoring

  • Bank integrations

  • Price Comparisons

  • Foreign exchange conversions

Let’s Build Something Together

SmartDev offers a number of solutions, from fully outsourced development to staff augmentation on specific projects, to meet tight deadlines.

What is SmartDev?

A Swiss company built and managed by highly experienced Europeans with a dedication to technical excellence, passed on to promising Vietnamese developers. SmartDev has outsourced development centres in Danang and Hanoi (Vietnam).

How big is your development team?

SmartDev has a team of over 200 developers in Vietnam. Our experienced HR team has the technical knowledge to scale teams up and down as appropriate and find the relevant skills for your project.

How do I get a quote?

Put your email address in the form and an expert will contact you shortly after analyzing your business requirements. We sign an NDA to ensure the highest degree of privacy. We will then issue a comprehensive project proposal, including cost estimates, timelines and skills required for your project. Upon agreement, we will assemble your team and begin delivery within ten days.

Why choose SmartDev?

We have been delivering complex technology projects for businesses since 2014. The SmartDev team has expertise in APIs, mobile banking apps, FinTech app development, insurance software and more, with over 70% of our FinTech developers having more than 3 years of industry-specific experience.

Our Quality Promise

Our offshore development, onshore management model ensures that we have the correct blend of skills to meet your project needs. Our skills extend to Agile development processes and scrum methods, making sure our projects are always delivered on time to our clients’ requirements. We are certified to ISO standard 27001.