People are on the move these days. We no longer live in a world where staying in the same place for your entire life is normal. People want to travel and discover new horizons. This global mobility concept has revolutionized the tech industry and now more than ever, mobile tech is the way to go. Here are just some of the company frameworks that are poised to dominate the mobile technological ecosystem of today and tomorrow.



When it comes to developing mobile apps, speed and reliability is always the developer’s friend. Among the top frameworks poised to dominate the mobile technological ecosystem is Flutter. Flutter is a free resource for app development. This open source framework offers a cross platform application, so multiple apps can be build using the same codebase. Flutter’s UI is comprised of a series of widgets that each define the structural element of the app. Without the use of OEM widgets, Flutter offers ready made widgets that are designed to look ready made for iOS or Android apps.

The increase in popularity for Flutter lies in its ease of use and this this popularity is not merely fleeting. According to GitHub, Flutter ranks in its top 30 software repos. Flutter has been instrumental in making thousands of apps to date and is the primary platform for the popular Alibaba app that currently maintains over 50,000 users and counting.


React Native

The origins of react native are unique in the app development world. It was originally part of a 2003 hackathon in which developers wanted to help solve a problem to bring native react environments and app development together. React Native was started by Facebook and maintains is community driven model. Those who have used React Native for mobile app development enjoy cost saving and maximum code reuse.

React Native also maintains a unique feature that is not available in comparable frameworks. When using the program, live reload is available. That means you do not have to wait for changes to the code to show up making for faster and far more effective app development. React Native also maintains strong performance in mobile environments.



Ionic became a part of the mobile app development world in 2013, started by Ben Sperry, Adam Bradley, and Max Lynch of Drifty Co. Ionic is a hybrid app framework model that offers specific advantages to app development. The apps built in Ionic utilize HTMA, CSS, and Javascript and users can build intuitive and remarkably beautiful apps for use on multiple platforms. With Ionic, the developer is not closed in to one design type, but allowed to experiment as the program is highly adaptable to the designer’s needs.

Due to its cross platform development model Ionic remains easy to adopt for both advanced developers as well ass the novice. In terms of performance, Ionic ranks high and provides the maximum processor time currently available in app developers. It is ideal for cost effective design, but the program may not function as well as some native app development programs, so when choosing Ionic, take this into consideration.



Currently Xamarin is among the top app development programs available to the public and with so much riding on app development these days, this program has become a true leader. Unlike some stagnant app development models, Xamarin allows for cross platform development making it highly adaptable to a variety of professional and novice needs.

Xamarin works a bit differently than some app development models as it allows for both native and maintains a high end community of available codes shared between over 700,000 current users. By combining both APIs and UI controls for both Android and IOS applications. Additionally, RMAD or Rapid Mobile App Development is one of the main benefits of Xamarin. It accelerates performance and provides a more cost effective model for app development appealing to far more companies than many of the other, smaller scale app developing programs.

Although 2020 has started off a bit rocky, it shows great promise in the tech world and if you have an idea or need a program written for your idea, consider hiring an ODC for the job. A reliable ODC can help make your dreams a reality and offer affordable solutions for the entrepreneur just starting out as well as the big name companies and all points in between.

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