Trinh N.
Senior Front-End Developer
React Native
MongoDB, MySQL
Vue Js
Node Js(Adonisjs)

I have high skills in React Native, Node.js and other JavaScript frameworks.

Latest Projects
React-Native Developer
Belal II1 Year
React-Native Developer
Loci Amica1 Year
  • Loci Amica is the new app Travel Platform to Travellers and Guides can find each other. Loci Amica mission is to connect international travelers to local tour guides in Taiwan. The company’s ambitious intention is to let people skip the traditional tourist trap tour services found in every city and country around the world.
  • Technologies: React-NativeRedux, Firebase, NodejsVuejs.
React-Native Developer
Appyguide2 Year
Software Engineerin
DuyTan University2014 – 2018

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