Thang N.
Senior QA/QC Tester
Analog Circuit Concept
Basic Electronic Concept
Control Systems
Digital Circuit Concept
Integrated Circuit
Programmable Logic Control
Auto Cad
Semi Standards
Communication: IMAP, POP3, Proxy, Router, SMTP, TCP/IP, Video Conference, Virus, VPN.
Web/Internet: Internet Information Server (IIS), Linux Server, Apache.
Database: MySQL, DB Design, JDBC, ODBC.
Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, VB, VB Script, .NET, PHP, VB Script, Bash shell, Delphi, Android Python.
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows NT/2000, Window OS, OS Windows, Palm, Symbian, Android.

I am a tester with over 5 years’ experience in software and automation.  I have participated in many projects that involved in both manual and automated testing.

Latest Projects
Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Automation, Programmer, Trainer, R&D
GES Viet Nam3 Years

Optical technology: Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Image processing, Machine learning, C#, C++, Python, 5Sigma chart + analyze data, MES, SECS/GEM, IOT Automation: Matlab, C#(WPF,mvvm), python, Image processing, Vision technology, optical, technology, 5sigma, Camera, Robot, Wafer, Labview, Automation system

Team Leader, Automation, Programmer, Trainer
Global CyberSoft5 Years

Python, Java programing, bash shell, tcl, expect, Linux, server, scp, puty, remote control, Android, Network. Japanese language, Monkey toolRobotium toolRobolectric tool Interaction with mobile, Write test modules with automation test tool. Automation mobile test framework. Mobile hardware

Tester, Core Member, Team Leader
LogiGear2 Years

Test Architect automation, Android, Java programingWindow base programing. Network.Monkey tool, Robotium tool, Robolectric toolInteraction with mobile. Write test modules with automation test tool. Automation mobile test framework.Mobile hardware, Java, Networking, Programing

Automation industrial
Bach Khoa University2005 – 2010
Softech Aptech2005 – 2007

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