Tan H.
Senior Android
Android Java
Android Kotlin
C++, C#, Batch, Python
SQL, Sqlite, Room database
Tortoise SVN, Git
Android Studio , Visual studio, Eclipse, Unity 2D
Trello, Jira

Latest Projects
Project X
Aug 2020 – Present

Language: Kotlin 

Objectives: An android Kotlin app. The customer is a big Airline group in Asia.

  • Help the user discover privileges and related merchants. User can earn in-app money from their airline miles or convert from their money.
  • Allow users to perform transactions using in-app money or Google pay.
  • Users can be quickly informed about promotions by push notifications.


  • Implement app UI and logic.
  • Load and display data, apply data binding.
  • Implement search function including bypassing accents and punctuation characters, and optimizing for fuzzy search.
  • App redirection using Firebase deep link.
  • Integrating Insider SDK o Improve app performance using leak canary.
  • Decrease crash rate to Investigate and resolve complex issues.
  • Support other team members.
  • Write unit tests.

Technologies used in this app:

  • Android MVVM architecture (including Room database, ViewModel, Live data, Data-binding).
  • Navigation components (navigation, transfer data between fragments, activities).
  • Google services:
  • Google map API: display a map and draw route.
  • Location Update services: subscribe user location.


  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) allow sending message to the app users.
  • Real time database: check new version update.
  • Firebase Crashlytics & analytics.
  • Dynamic links.
  • Google Pay: allow user to pay using credit card.
  • Dependency Injection by Kodein.
  • Retrofit for fetching data from app server.
  • Insider integration: a marketing SDK that helps to increase user engagement.
Health Practice Project
May 2020 – Sep 2020

Language: Kotlin 

Objectives: An android Kotlin app  

  • To track the user practice (such as Walking, Running, Cycling) and display the practice info to the user.
  • Allow users to follow statistics on their activities.
  • Allow user to share their achievements with others.
  • Taken Role All development life cycle 

Responsibility: All app development steps: 

  • Develop the concept 
  • Design the app 
  • Develop app 
  • Testing 
  • Publishing 

Technologies used in this app:

  • Android MVVM architecture (including Room database, ViewModel, Live data, Data-binding).
  • Navigation Component (bottom navigation, transfer data between fragments).
  • Google services:
  • Google map API: display a map and draw route.
  • Location Update services: subscribe user location.
  • Activity Recognition: detect user activities (walking/running/cycling/tilling).
  • Firebase:
  • Firebase Auth: allow user login via email/Google – prepare for the next part to save user progress online to Cloud FireStore.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) allows sending messages to app users.
  • Local push handling by Alarm Manager.
  • Dependency Injection by Dagger 2.
  • Retrofit for fetching the current weather.
  • SDK – Facebook Ads: display banner and interstitial ads
Weather Forecast Project
Mar 2020 – Jun 2020

Language: Kotlin 

Objectives: An app that allows the user to:

  • Get the current and future weather of current device location.
  • Fetch the weather of a custom location
  • Taken Role: Developer 

Responsibility: This app followed a tutorial with my improvement.

The aim of this project was to get more familiar with MVVM architecture.

Technology: Android MVVM architecture (Room database, ViewModel, Model, Fragment, LiveData observer).

  • Retrofit.
  • Location.
  • Json parser (Gson) 
Animated Notification Project
Jan 2020 – Apr 2020

Language: Java 

Objectives: Expand the usage of push notification, make it more attractive, increase interactions between user and game providing for more game engagement.

Taken Role Developer 

Responsibility: Design and implementation.

  • Used analytics and defined the use of interactive notifications and which type of push should be implemented.
  • Implemented the module — Testing and import this module to the framework – Applied it to the template project and wrote the integrating document.
Fun Shooting Game
Nov 2019 – Feb 2020
  • Modified GameInstaller module to just download the extra data part each update (Java) 
  • Wrote test case and handle test in the projects.
  • Language C# (Unity) Play store 
Fun Shooting Game
Aug 2019 – Oct 2019
  • Built the scoring system, Projects Premake Fastbuild Project Language Premake, Lua To Objectives make a standard way to configure and use Fastbuild easy and more effective to reduce the compile time (native compile C++ code). Taken Role Developer – Participant Responsibility Write a module to generate standard .bff file for android project Test and fix bugs.
Feb 2019 – Mar 2019
  • Projects Premake Fastbuild Project Quick document Language C++ Objectives Build a C++ wrapper to use the Chromium embedded framework to display the HTML 5 video inside a Win32 application.
  • Worked in a development role


  • Design how wrapper should work 
  • Integrating CEF into the GL project
  • Play banner, HTML5 video using CEF 
  • Export CEFWrapper lib 
Delta download for Installer
Jan 2018 – Feb 2018

Language: Python, Java 

Objectives: Reduce the downloading amount & time for Android project each update install. Customers Gameloft’s Android Project Taken Role Creator & developer 

Responsibility: Design the new mechanism of split data each update -> change the way to packing data for installer (python) 

GameloftJul 2013 – May 2017
  • DAD – Android HD+ Game Android Mobile Game production Team developer.
Android Mobile Games
Jun 2013 – May 2017

Projects: Android Mobile Games 

  • World At Arm 
  • War Planet Online 

Language: Android, Java, C+, Batch, Python 

Taken Role: Android porting developer 


  • Porting games to runnable on android devices.
  • Optimize app size and ensure game performance 
  • Integrating additional features follow the requirement form producers.
  • Integrating Android specific features: social Facebook, G+, Ads, Notifications
  • Optimize working process Phantom
Degree Information Technology
Hue University2013

Completed coursework towards Bachelor of Information 

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