Sang V.
FullStack Developer
Node Js, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP
MongoDB, MySQL
GitLab, Github
React Js, Angular Js, Vue Js
HTML, CSS, Stylus, Pug
AWS, Sakura server
Teamwork, Communication

Hi, I’m Sang. I’m a fullstack developer with both breadth and depth of experience in all forms of development. I have extensive work experience with international clients and am always excited to start new projects. You can count on me for all your development needs.

Latest Projects
FullStack Developer
Smardev LLCPresent

Project: Space Next Door: Helping create a system that manages, sells, and purchases real estate for Space Next Door, a Singaporean company. Primarily using NodeJS in this project.

FullStack Developer
Vnext Sofware10/2019 – 2021

Project 1: Nishumu IoT: Helped develop a microservices server to manage IoT devices in rice fields, which measure water temperature, give GPS coordinates, adjust water volume, and warn of problems.  

Responsibilities included writing APIs for a server, building system architecture, and building systems on a Sakura server. Used NestJS, TypeOrm, MongoDB, Docker, Terraform, ReactJS, and Sakura server. Used GitLab to work and coordinate with a team of 8.  

Project 2: Infiodio: Built hybrid applications for private hospitals, for services including medical registration, appointment booking, and medical record management. Responsibilities included assigning tasks to team members on our team of four, supporting those members, and writing APIs for projects. Technologies included NodeJS, Sequelize, Angular, Ionic, AWS, and GitLab.  

Project 3: Fanup: This project led to selling products on social networks in an e-commerce model. Users can sell products and sell sales modules for businesses as well as create reminders for events with bots.  

Our team of 16 handled logic and wrote interfaces for the product. We used Laravel, AWS, Zoom API, HTML, Scss, and GitLab.  

FullStack Developer
BAP Investment And Technology Joint Stock Company01/2019 – 10/2020

Private project 1: This project centered around car dealerships and car quality reviews, and handled exchanges and loan agreements as well. Our team of 6 wrote logic query APIs for data processing, developed a database design, and wrote client-facing web code using ReactJS and interface designs. We used NodeJS, ExpressJS-ES6, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, ReactJS, Redux, Firebase, AWS S3, SES, and GitLab.  

Private project 2: This project involved a leading platform to determine the cheapest available prices for products, allow customers to buy vouchers, or join events using vouchers to bid on products.  

Wrote APIs for the server and admin page, protected APIs according to restful API standards and optimized performance for API’s. Used NodeJS, ExpressJS-ES6, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, SocketIO 2.0, ReactJS, Firebase, Aws S3, SES, and Gitlab to work with our team of 5.  

Private project 3: This project resulted in project scheduling and employee work schedule management. Working with a team of 5, I wrote the interface for the project design according to the client’s needs. Used VueJS, Pug, Stylus, and GitLab.  

Private project 4: On this project, we created a company and its subsidiaries to manage products and contracts related to them, as well as transport said products.  

Working on a team of 8, I wrote the APIs and designed the project interface, ensuring performance on both front and backend. Technologies used include NodeJS, ExpressJS-Es6, MySQL, ReactJS, Saga, Aws S3, SES, and GitLab.  

FullStack Developer
Media Company VRM09/2018 – 01/2019

Worked on a project that resulted in a website to buy and sell real estate, home appliances, keep track of real estate of interest, or watch 360-degree videos of a house for sale.  

Our team of 5 completed all the work on the project, assigned tasks as needed, and responded to customer requirements. Used NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, and GitLab.  

FullStack Developer
Finger09/2017 – 09/2018

Project 1: Thuetot

This project resulted in a furniture rental app that shows the latest products, products by region, and product ads. Our team of 6 was responsible for fullstack development resulting in a product that had a robust search function, tax function, and contract support. We used CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS, and GitHub. 

Project 2: Suri

This project resulted in an app that shows the location of a broken-down vehicle when the user reports it. A mechanic will use the coordinates to arrive and assist the driver with repairs.  

Our team of 6 was responsible for fullstack development, using Google APIs to bring up a location map. The app also shows users backup information when the vehicle breaks down, sends alerts, and sends help for those in need, supported by chat functions.  

Technologies used included CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, and GitHub.  

Bachelor degree of computer science

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