Minh L.
Senior Front-End Developer
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I am a passionate full-stack developer with extensive skills in React Native, Vue.js and React. I enjoy building robust mobile and web applications of all kinds.  

Latest Projects
Full Stack Development
Enici1 Year
  • Enici is a chat application for professionals that respects the latest compliancy standards in terms of of privacy and encryption.
  • I developed the mobile frontend with React Native.
Full Stack Development
Loci Amica1 Year
  • Loci Amica allows you to skip the traditional tourist trap tour services found in every city and country around the world. Instead, we direct you right to the most valuable resource of local knowledge – the people! You can build the experience you desire.
  • I developed the mobile frontend with React Native , the web frontend with Vue.js and the backend with Node.js.
Full Stack Development
AppyGuide6 Months
  • AppyGuide is an app that lets your guests explore their destination with on-demand audio guides and recommendations by world’s best experts.
  • I developed the mobile frontend with React Native and the backend with LoopBack.

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