Hoa B.
Fresher Full-Stack Developer
.NET: Web API, MVC, LINQ, Entity Framwork, SQL, Dependency Injection
React: TypeScript, Hooks, State Management (Redux, Redux thunk – saga), design components and UI, handle logics and errors, translation.
HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap

Hi, I’m Hoa, a fullstack developer that’s excited to be working on new projects. With a strong academic background and already broad experience base, I think I’ll be a solid addition to any software team. As an enthusiastic team player, I’m thrilled to make software that looks and works great.

Latest projects
2Click Solutions
Mantis06/2021 – Ongoing

Mantis is an application that allows users to create, manage, and provide tests to their clients and create report files to find appropriate candidates.

  • Analyse and design the requirements from the business team into tasks, as well as define logic flow and acceptance criteria.
  • Become familiar with the Scrum model .
  • Develop new features in .NET core (APIs, validation, apply 3rd services such as Azure function, Azure storage)
  • Build a ReactJS-based website
  • Create CI/CD pipeline for a ReactJS application
Team Project
My Covid12/2020 – 04/2021

This system supports users by tracking their moving history, as well as registering itineraries, Covid testing, and Covid staticstics.

  • Analysed and designed database along with teammates.
  • Designed the mock-up, requirements, and features.
  • Built mobile application in React Native.
  • Integrated with Google Maps APIs.
  • Deployed Frontend and Backend in Azure Cloud.
  • Link: https://mycovid.tk/
Personal Project
My Image collection01/2019 – 07/2019

With this system, including Android app and web server help, users can upload and manage their image collection.

  • Programming language: Java (Android app) and NodeJS (Server).
  • Upload and download base-64 encoded and decoded image.
  • Developed APIs to manage and manipulate images.
  • Deployed server to VPS 
Personal Project
Smart Lock2019

This IoT project combined Arduino and Server-side functions.

  • Used micro controllers such as Arduino and Esp-8266 to get data from server and control peripherals.
  • Created a Python desktop application to record and analyse the frequency of user voice to check if that’s the right user.
Software Engineering
Bach Khoa Univeristy
Bach Khoa Univeristy
  • Second Prize at Pascal programming at secondary and high school
  • Talented-student scholarship at Bach Khoa university
  • Good student at Bach Khoa University
  • 920 score at TOEIC

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