Case Study: Android, iOS, and Java Developers for the BigPay app

This case study reveals how BigPay, a startup that belongs to AirAsia has benefited from working with remote developers in Vietnam.

BigPay is an app with a card that allows its users to spend, send, receive and track money anywhere in the world. 

Challenge: Build a user friendly mobile app for Android and iOS.

Development: A team of 10 including, Android, iOS and Java developers worked serveral months under the supervision of a Vinh Ha, ex-CTO of the BigPay startup. The team creation was orchestrated by SmartDev’s HR and Mr. Ha. SmartDev has allocated some of the most talented developers on a nationwide scale to this project.

Results: SmartDev has delivered an app that is currently used by hundreds of thousands of people in South-East Asia. The app has a 4+ rating on the App Store and Play Store and users are delighted with it.


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