A wellbeing and financial management app.

A unique digital solution that integrates your wealth with wellness, allowing customers to control their future whilst meeting existing financial demands. SmartDev was contracted by a Fintech company backed by a well-established Singapore-based venture fund.

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A team of 12 developers


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iOS app; Android app & backend administration


2021 – ongoing



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The Challenge

Across Asia-Pacific, people are living longer. Because of this, healthcare costs in 2030 are expected to be five times that of 2015 making healthcare costs unaffordable in the long run.

Our client’s vision was to give their customers the tools to help them simplify their financial planning, making sure they had the means in place to support their long-term wellbeing.

The app needed to improve financial literacy to help them make more informed investment choices to help meet their financial goals. Built to be an independent platform and bank agnostic, the solution offers customers best-in-class products via a marketplace.

SmartDev was brought in as a trusted partner to scope, design and build this platform alongside an app that was simple and straightforward to use, across age group demographics.


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The Solution

SmartDev built a Scrum team of 12 including an Engineering Manager and a Scrum Master, to collaborate with the client’s technical team to build both iOS and Android apps and a management system to keep track of data feeds across multiple platforms. The team also built multiple integrations with financial institutions. The app is designed to be a neutral, bank-agnostic marketplace, providing data-driven insights and recommendations. These are tailored to individual users and enable better choices around financial and health planning.

Privacy and security were also of paramount importance. Bank-grade measures were necessary to protect sensitive financial and health related data. Personal data was fully encrypted.

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Application Core Functions

Money Management Made Simple

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets or bank statements. With the single-view finance dashboard, customers can seamlessly add and view their finances across different bank accounts, savings, CPF, properties, investments and insurance, all in one place.

Visualise your finances

Set your own goals, whether that’s a new home or vacation. Beat procrastinating with our weekly checklist. The retirement graph maps out whether you’re on track for your retirement needs and recommends changes to help you meet your retirement goals.

personalized financial advice

As a neutral and bank-agnostic marketplace, the app does not endorse specific investment type, funds or accounts. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned investor, the solution provides data-driven insights and recommendations that’s tailored for the individual. 

Let’s Build Something Together

SmartDev offers a number of solutions, from fully outsourced development to staff augmentation on specific projects, to meet tight deadlines.

What is SmartDev?

A Swiss company built and managed by highly experienced Europeans with a dedication to technical excellence, passed on to promising Vietnamese developers. SmartDev has outsourced development centres in Danang and Hanoi (Vietnam).

How big is your development team?

SmartDev has a team of over 200 developers in Vietnam. Our experienced HR team has the technical knowledge to scale teams up and down as appropriate and find the relevant skills for your project.

How do I get a quote?

Put your email address in the form and an expert will contact you shortly after analyzing your business requirements. We sign an NDA to ensure the highest degree of privacy. We will then issue a comprehensive project proposal, including cost estimates, timelines and skills required for your project. Upon agreement, we will assemble your team and begin delivery within ten days.

Why choose SmartDev?

We have been delivering complex technology projects for businesses since 2014. The SmartDev team has expertise in APIs, mobile banking apps, FinTech app development, insurance software and more, with over 70% of our FinTech developers having more than 3 years of industry-specific experience.

Our Quality Promise

Our offshore development, onshore management model ensures that we have the correct blend of skills to meet your project needs. Our skills extend to Agile development processes and scrum methods, making sure our projects are always delivered on time to our clients’ requirements. We are certified to ISO standard 27001.